Circle With Me – Spiritbox

Truth. I haven’t heard the new Spiritbox single yet. This experimental metalcore sensation are going to get an experimental SteveForTheDeaf review.

I’m going to attempt to review the song as I listen to it for the first time. Stream of consciousness, typos and all. Before I hit play I’ll give you guys some context. In 2020 I became aware of the band. They were getting really good press in really respectable places for their progressive attitude within a scene that can get snagged in the tightest of cul-de-sacs from time to time. Metalcore/Thrash/Death/Black/Grind/WashingMachine/StonerCore/Futpucit give it as name. Metal is metal. The driving creative relationship behind Spiritbox cut their teeth in a band called I Wrestled A Bear Once (shortened to IWABO by their fans) for the best part of a decade before Spiritbox came into being. A heavy band who put as much invention, as many ideas and as varied a sound into each single they release as yer standard pointy guitar and beard bead outfits would into an album. It’s like hitting the motherlode. A rich seam of heavy, clever, quality that’s always markedly different from the last thing they released and yet entirely cohesive. Suffice to say. I like this band a lot. I expect great things from their debut album (there’s already an indie single comp working like a bind up of the early issues) and I believe they will blow up massive, beyond the dimensions of their ‘scene’. I mean so does every other blogger, tweeter and music journalist. So you know. You heard it hear last.

I put their most recent previous single Constance right at the front of the year and enthused about a female fronted Deftones making me giddy with excitement. Courtney LePlante has been entertaining the masses in the first quarter of 2021 with her seriously high quality Podcast Good For A Girl. I highly recommend that too for a bunch of unique perspectives from inside the metal music machine on how Touring, Promo, Recording and Radio works within the metal scene. Each episode has a different guest and Corklez lightly grills them on how they got to where they are in the scene. The camaraderie is tangible from an all female roster as they navigate the sausage party that is the heavy music world. Insightful, funny and wise, each speaker teaches a life lesson and shares stuff that might not occur to most about how bands get heard.

With all that said I guess we have enough of a foreword. I’m going to cue the track and hit play. So welcome listeners to SteveForTheDeaf FM. Next up is the new single from legends in the making Spiritbox. This is Circle With Me.


A little down the wire back ground for a sec and a ROARING opening. We’ve got pounding drums and Der Ner Neerrrr. Here she is! Corklez is singing a very smooth sweet vocal. Oh a beat drop. A Chorus. It’s almost Evanescence but proper metal. I like Evanescence. Like Baroness? Or Lucifer. No more metal than that. BAck to the pummeling. “Nothing scared, thing lost”. Se really has a beautiful voice. Spinning out of control. The band are tight. Really tight. Chorus is back. And some synth moodyness for a breakdown. Oh MY! “THE POWER OF A DYING SUN!” Death growls. GO ON! I’m moshing. This is back to the mellow again. It’s a rollercoaster. Who plays drums in this band? They’re massive. I like the long riff. Oh. It just stopped. On a dime. That’s all we get?

I want more.

OK. I liked that. I’m not sure my review inventiveness is up to much there to be honest. I hope I haven’t done the band a disservice. On first pass I like Circle With Me. A LOT.

Now I’m going to see if there’s a video on The Tubes. There is. Let’s go again.

Oh> I’ts a performance video. Beautifully lit. She’s going to become a major style icon for girls who are into this scene. And beyond I think. Blue hair looks cool. Simple but stylish video. The chorus is pretty damned infectious. I’m humming along. That’s a very sexy bass guitar. Noise and the plank itself. I’m getting a little dizzy. He’s holding his guitar like a Spanish Folk instrument. But it’s a blue Ibaneze (or something). YES! Go on you drumming bastard. Smashin’ that beat. Slidey bass lick. It’s all building up again! And black! Stopped dead. Again. Caught me out twice in ten minutes.

Spiritbox ladies and gentlemen. There you have it. Circle With Me. It’s an absolute banger.


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