I Do This All The Time – Self Esteem

Wow! What a stunning discovery of a record. I was properly taken aback upon first hearing Self Esteem earlier today performing this track I Do This All The Time. A new single which plays a bit like a gender reversed, economic diverse, freestyle verse transverse rebirth of Baz Luhrmann’s Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) updated for the coming out of post lock down.

There are lots of things unclear about the narrators personal life when listening to this track and it’s spoken word verses. Most importantly though there are Soooo many things utterly identifiable and I have to say uniquely communicated. I get the impression middle-aged grey haired indie fixated blogger blokes are not Self Esteem’s target audience. But I’m a hot mess after hearing this earlier today and obsessed with knowing more. This is luxury pop and intelligent insightful soul fed pop. Much like when I first heard The Pipettes, I’m flabbergasted by it’s brilliance.

The detailed and nuanced emotional heft in this song could power a screenplay to an academy award. That is were it not being delivered as a monologue over some quality pop music that puts me in mind of Billy Nomates and Dry Cleaning teaming up and showing those ‘shouty can’t sing’ indie lads the right way to emote. Be articulate and deliver the line like you’re playing Adam Driver’s Ex (or Scar Jo, I’m not judging) rather than getting sweaty in a pair of y-fronts and moshing about to terrace chants about the government.

I’ve explored a bit more of Self Esteems stuff since hearing this earlier today. She’s a truly gifted vocalist with a lot to say and this track is not the best hand of a one trick pony like so many talky bands at the moment. This ones the anomaly. There’s polished blue eyed soul pop in Girl Crush and mellow ambient indie on Compliments Please. There’s incredible percussive Lorde meets Paul Simon vibes on Your Wife and three years of catching up to do.

Not the usual SteveForTheDeaf entry for sure but when a record stops you in your tracks and makes you think about the human condition or the wreckages left in your wake over a life time… Well, you bump the planned post about some old 90’s bullshit and praise the fact you mistook the band name for a The Offspring reference.


9 thoughts on “I Do This All The Time – Self Esteem

  1. True story: Even after all this time, the way you post the song title before the band name, but I still read it as band name and then song title, so I actually did think it was a cover tune. Do I get a No Prize?

    Also, hey, love that track. Hits in the reals, eh? Glad it stopped you in your tracks, that’s the best records doing that.

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