Nausea – Violet Grohl

I got another confession to make. I’ve owned the album this song is from for years and probably never listened to it all the way through. X are one of those bands where everyone has a Friend Of A Friend who knows a lot about punk and he tells you that you should have The Last Song In Your Honour guard of records. They’ll talk about X Guitarist Billy Zoom and be like “There goes my hero” and I’ll watch him as he goes thinking I Should Have Known who that was But, Honestly in Times Like These I can’t be Up In Arms about every La Dee Da Big Me who ever made a Play for rock and roll stardom.

I know admitting things like this may leave me Alone + Easy Target for the Stacked Actors and Weenie Beenie gatekeepers of this sort of thing. My credentials as a true Iron Rooster of the scene may not be In The Clear. I could be accused of being The Pretender by the Saint Cecilia’s of the Concrete And Gold of rock. But I can Make It Right.

Ever do that thing where you go to the record shop and buy too much music at once? You get a stack of albums and really hammer two or three of them. Then you go back a few weeks later and buy a bunch more. You may Resolve to fix this The Feast And The Famine approach to music consumption. I know I do but the Back & Fourth in My Poor Brain doesn’t have Enough Space to untangle all my Headwires. Sometimes a purchase goes so Low it goes Subterranean on you. The record can arrive DOA before you even gave it Enough Space to Walk let alone Run. So you Let it Die.

Besides I often think, I’ll Stick Around in the record racks at home (especially These Days) going End Over End for Another Round with what I’ve bought. I’m like a Cloudspotter surveying the Congregation looking for Breakout stuff I haven’t already Exhausted. It was A Matter Of Time until I got to X again. Thanks to the new comer to the rock scene Violet G I am On The Mend in this regard. She’s not just some Doll in a T-Shirt and Live In Skin down at the crossroads taking Medicine at Midnight. Kids got some pointy Arrows to loose. Who knows where she gets it from? I’ll say this though, As God Is My Witness her band look old as Skin And Bone on Statues. Look, I’m not suggesting her cover will Erase/Replace the Burning Statues of Summer’s End on that Iconic album sleeve. X or G is fine with me.

Stranger Things Have Happened when a cover of a record you have but haven’t played much reveals you’re already Holding Poison. It’s like getting Something From Nothing finding out it’s a song you already own. A loyal Soldier who was M.I.A is no longer Lonely As You.

Ain’t it The Life when you can guide it back along from the Long Road To Ruin and help an original Come Alive? It’s not as if there is No Way Back and the Disenchanted Lullaby of Nausea will forever belong to a 2021 teenager for All My Life.

With that said so What If I Do? X will always be the punk rock pioneers. It’s just I didn’t listen until this song got a New Way Home. Some think this cover will be Big. Me I think This Is A Call to throw a Rope around it and drag that old CD off the shelf for a Cold Day In The Sun. There’s no Shame Shame to see a classic record Come Alive by Making A Fire of a Watershed moment.

I may not know anything about Violet or X but I like the song. I hope I’m not Bridge Burning in the Sunday Rain by showing my Dirty Water Outside. If Ever I’ve crossed The Line and lost my Halo by liking a cover over an original I say we can Have It all.

Or has this whole review been a Wind Up? A Generator of an elaborate gag For All The Cows to feel X-Static about when they let out The Neverending Sigh and Realize this whole write up has been Chasing Birds.

Still, it’s not the most Everlong review I’ve written. Over And Out

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