Long Live Rock – Halestorm

Right you lot. Horns up!

The true Queen of the scene is back and she brought her band!

“Down at the Astoria the scene was changing, Bingo and Rock were pushing our X-rating”

There’s a whole bunch of things happening here and none of them are up for debate. Lzzy Hale is this generation of heavy rockers coolest new icon. She’s like Joan Jett fronting AC/DC covering The Who in Judas Priest’s pool house at a birthday party for Slash. Good dog damn this band rock!

How long ago was The Kids Are Aright? 40 years? 50? 60? It doesn’t matter. How now does this take on an awesome song by an awesome band sound? How now? What is this Shakespeare?

There’s been a rumbling about sexism in rock getting louder in this century. There’s no doubt a bunch of icky stuff in the annals of rock and roll history but you’d have to be a deaf dumb and blind boy to not see that the 2020’s rock scene is female lead. Not to mention the fact that it’s all the better more vibrant and more fun for it.

People walk in sideways pretending that they’re leaving, we put on our makeup and work out all the lead-ins, Jack is in the alley selling tickets made in Hong Kong, Promoter’s in the pay box wondering where the band’s gone, back in the pub the governor stops the clock

To think of the years and years labels would turn down talent because they already had a “Chick” fronting a band on their books. How many festivals became sausage parties when they could have been a come one come all party for everybody. What’s wrong with being sexy? It’s a thin line between clever and stupid. Too much perspective.

Here we are in 2021 and I’d wager you could fill a heavy rock festival field with Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless, Lucifer, Starcrawler, Spiritbox, and any number of other cool as hell bands and the gender wouldn’t matter to 90% of the crowd. Add the indie side of town with Wolf Alice, Dream Wife, Goat Girl, Soccer Mommy, The Beths, Pale Waves, Honeyblood, Amyl And The Sniffers and The Interrupters and it’s clear that young female talent is all over the scene. And they’re just the bands I can think of who’ve had recent SFTD Posts. Go beyond that with the bands who have more heritage or have reformed since the grunge years and you’ve got headliner names like Garbage, Veruca Salt, L7 and Sleater-Kinney and Belly back in the mix. Oh the fun we could have.

This cover finds the honk at the heart of The Who’s original and Metalizes it like many a great genre crossover cover would do. Think Metallica doing Whiskey In The Jar, Megadeth doing No More Mr Nice Guy or the aforementioned Judas Priest doing Johnny B Goode. Fans of those bands don’t consider their metal bands version ‘The Definitive Version’, but it’s a welcome ‘party time’ addition tot he bands set. When ‘Tallica played Whiskey at Glastonbury during one of metals largest ‘Crossover events’ with mainstream music and national TV in the UK a few years back you could literally see the crowd ascending as all the dots joined together. Put No More Mr Nice Guy on in a Rockers-bar Jukebox and watch the little boogies going on all over the place. It’s like Christmas for 5 minutes.

The other day I mentioned Lilith Czar’s cover of Stevie Nicks as baton pass from classic rock to the kids. I may have gone off a little premature. For kids who only know the song as Jack Black’s ‘Oh baby Ohh’ jag in School of Rock it’s a penny drop moment. The Kids Are Alright is one of our culture’s greatest albums. It’s also one that at this point in time is under-exploited. When people shorthand rock history to the usual candidate records The Kid’s Are Alright gets muscled backwards behind Who’s Next and the big Concept albums. It’s a firecracker of an album and shedding some light on one of it’s most Rockcentric deep cuts hits right where Lzzy and Co want it to. Those who know, know. Those who don’t soon will.

This is it folks. This is why we live the tunes, the scene, the fun and the thrills of it all. This song is such infectious rock fun you can hear the drummer smiling.

Something something dance in the eye of the Halestorm

\m/ horns frikkin’ up Folks! \m/


4 thoughts on “Long Live Rock – Halestorm

  1. “She’s like Joan Jett fronting AC/DC covering The Who in Judas Priest’s pool house at a birthday party for Slash. Good dog damn this band rock!” Perfect description!

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    1. I once suggested that Bloodstock had a day devoted to female metal acts on their forum but was universally shot down. I’ve been saying for years that metal need not be a sausage fest. Glad I’m not the only one out there who feels this way. Great post!

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