Forged By Neron – Mastodon

So this just popped up. Bit of an exclusive track for a soundtrack album, by mega metal titans.. MUHHSSTOODOON!

The soundtrack to something called Dark Knights Death Metal appears and the import of that is a little lost on me. I think it’s one of those animated superhero movies that show up on subscription services that I never watch. The cover image that came up with the track on the screen is very cool comic book art. I’m impressed and completely in the dark all at once. When it comes to deep comic book culture and their screen appearances I’m really not knocking it. I’m just a little out of my depth in the modern multiverses and myriad animated superheros (I did see Red Son years ago though & I quite liked it, if that helps). As someone who has frequented many comic books stores in the distant past, I read Inferno, Fall Of The Mutants and The Dark Night in their published monthly installments. So trust me when I say, I’m all for all of this. My vexation is just because I’m left in the past unless someone I know and trust sticks a bind up in my hands and says “This ones for you” like my buddy Hoa did with The Boys or Luce did with The Court Of Owls. I know a little. I approve of it all. I’m just too busy with the music stuff.

This soundtrack album though seems to be quite the draw. It has managed to secure a big single worthy bruiser from Mastodon which didn’t feature on their recent odds and sods stop gap record Medium Rarities. It’s also got tracks from Idles, Soccer Mommy, Starcrawler and Rise Against on it, so it’s punching Hulk type weight on that front as if it were a proper live action Dark DC Zack Snyderathon.

Forged By Neron has a nice slow dirge riff after the opening hard rock half minute. It sludges while the vocal does low slow NEERR! melody for a moment. There’s blast beats a plenty as it picks back up, sluice gates open again and riffs rise up and back down as meaty chugs leads into a deliciously KK Downing style solo half way though. It’s Mastodon by numbers with more time changes than the equator near a solstice. There’s a purveying and persistent background growl which seems ever present. They’re darned good number though. So I’m not complaining in any way. Right near the end the second set of lead pyros fizzle all over the logical conclusion of a Heavy Heavy Metal bands Showcase Tune for a Soundtrack Album. Think I Disappear from ‘Tallica or Eat The Rich by Motörhead. You don’t hire a metal band to do a soundtrack tune and ask them for their Jazz Oddessy do you?

I get a real kick out of the idea there’s an album out there with Mastodon on it and the words death metal in the title. It’ll work like a dog whistle for those genre torchbearers who are going to go to town on which bands are Death Metal, which ones aren’t and how Mastodon are actually something entirely inappropriate to have that name on the sleeve (of a cartoon soundtrack album). They’re going to have apoplexy when they hear Chelsea Wolfe or Soccer Mommy.

4 thoughts on “Forged By Neron – Mastodon

  1. That’s a pretty good tune, eh? Seems Mastodon have been busy.

    I read about this one and as far as I can gather it’s actually a soundtrack to a comic. No TV show, animation or movie. We’re at the stage where there are soundtracks to comic books. Maybe cause of the Snyder involvement?

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