Lovesong – The Cure

The Cure have started to pop up around here more and more regularly. And quite right. Why I do declare they are one of the best and most important rock bands in history. They are certainly one of my favourites when it comes to longevity, their influence on so many areas of alternative music and on the richness of returns you get from listening to their music. I’ve been into this band for 30 years at this stage and I still find deep wells of fascinating, luxurious and rewarding things to hear, read about and watch around the band. Lovesong is on their masterpiece of late eighties Gothic pop rock Disintegration. Perhaps their most perfect album. Perhaps our most perfect album too. Yeah, you and me Kiddo. We can’t ask for more than this…

“Whenever I’m alone with you, You make me feel like I am home again, Whenever I’m alone with you, You make me feel like I am whole again”

That opening refrain is etched into the psyche of millions. Lovesong is one of The Cure’s most enduring hits. Their lightness of touch and inkwell dark sound was stippled with the sunlight of the keyboards effects and synth strings to perfection. This song felt nostalgic when it was brand new. Now a lifetime later it’s almost unbearably loaded with pathos and yearning.

“However far away I will always love you, However long I stay I will always love you, Whatever words I say I will always love you”

It’s such a slight and simple song in some ways. There are no clever metaphors in the lyrics or snide double meanings like some alternative love songs. It’s all as honest and straight forward as can be. From a band like The Cure and an album like Disintegration to have an honest, uncomplicated declaration of devotion at this stage of the game? Well, the fans took it to heart in a big way. You can’t got to a Cure show and not want to hear Lovesong. It’s right up there with all their biggest hits. On the record it’s part of a center piece trilogy of tracks. This then Last Dance and into another single from the record, the immaculate Lullaby. There’s a lack of use in the space key when naming the songs on this album which brings a subtle and yet important sense of otherness. Plainsong, Closedown, Lovesong. It feels right to make the words inseparable. Like the songs on the album. Like the lovers in the lyrics. Like they’re the only examples of the thing being described.

Such is this tracks ubiquity it has been covered by a myriad of artists. Goth girl gang Jack Off Jill, multi instrumentalist Indie The Big Pink, early adopter emo darlings Death Cab For Cutie, industrial heathens Snake River Conspiracy, the incredible vocal god Adele they’ve all made the declaration clear and heartfelt.

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