Love Song – Tesla

“So you think that it’s over, that your love has finally reached the end, any time you call, night or day, I’ll be right there for you if you need a friend”

Did you like the Alien Movies? I did. That first one was the perfect mix of ‘used future’ and haunted house horror tropes redirected into a science fiction setting. I genuinely believed in the performances and that the big dirty ship they were clanging about it was a working vehicle. That’s what made the scary bits so affecting. If you can believe in the space truckers and their worn down routine then you can believe in the nasty bitey lurking just around every corner. The second one Aliens was a brilliant use of war movie tropes within the universe of the first movie. Of course like all good sequels it expanded the world of the first film and brought in new themes that both answered questions that remained from the previous episode but also expanded the horizons. From the loading bay of the U.S.S. Sulaco you could go in a myriad of directions. So many of them could be so good.

Story arcs work well in trilogies don’t they? Opening Act, Middle Section, Big Finale. Lord Of The Rings, Fellowship, Two Towers, Return Of The King. Toy Story 1, 2 & 3. Star Wars, Empire, Jedi. Raiders Of The Lost Ark, Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade. You don’t neeeeed the fourth one, the extra episodes, The Hobbit. You just don’t need it.

For the longest time there was a Boxset you could buy called The Alien Quadrology (I promise you we will get to the song). It had the four Alien movies (made up to that point) in it. I heard it referred to on more than occasion as two good movies, a misfire and a shit one. Or the Alien Trilogy and an uninvited guest. Good, good, mediocre, terrible. That sort of thing.

In our Love Song Trilogy I don’t want you seeing Tesla as the Alien Resurrection of the pack. This is not Love Song And The Crystal Skull. No! Tesla’s massive power ballad is a proper love song. Full of kindness, sentiment, hope and a proper guitar solo. Taken from their second album The Great Radio Controversy it was released the same year as The Cure’s Disintegration. Great Radio Controversy was a smash in the US. It did nothing here in the UK at all. The song was given a new lease of life on their live acoustic album Five Man Acoustical Jam which thanks in part to the UK finally getting MTV did register outside of the USA. I saw the tour for that album and for it’s follow up Psychotic Supper. This tune went down a storm in both formats.

“Oh, yeah, Love is all around you, love is knockin’ outside your door, Waitin’ for you is this love made just for two, Keep an open heart and you’ll find love again, I know”

I didn’t want to end on flat smoothed out version of romance. I wanted the tinkling of ivories, classical guitar played like a medieval madrigal, power chords and a searing guitar solo. That’s Love. Cheesy as it is. Naff in the eyes of the cynics and those more interested in cool and stylish than they are happy and contented. Real to the rest of us.

Tesla’s Love Song is the Alien Vs. Predator of this sequence. I love Alien Vs. Predator. It was made for the sheer joy of the genre. It’s put smiles on faces the world over. It’ll continue to do so. And it feels like it has always been there. Doing what it does, going “doo do doodle do, I know” over and over (I’m only talking about the song now. AVP does not do that). It sounds like Aerosmith, Guns N’ Roses, Van Halen and all that good stuff all at once. On the live album they cover McCartney & Wings, The Grateful Dead, The Beatles. The live albums hit single Signs is a cover of Five Man Electrical Band’s only hit. So that’s a dond right there in the album title. Enthusiasm is love’s most precious commodity.

These guys love their Rock N’ Roll. And I love them for it.


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