Love Removal Machine – The Cult

We got here as soon as we could*. I’ll just fill up the tank and we’ll get this thing up and running. You might want to stand back a bit. When this Baby starts up it don’t ‘arf rattle. You’ve had a right do in here haven’t you? Love songs all over the place. No, it’s fine. I’ve seen all sorts. Usually it’s a break up. Or an unrequited yearning being buried deep. I know Love Stinks. I’ve cleaned up Interstate Love Songs, Silly Love Songs, Love Songs for Vampires, Love songs that say This Ain’t A Love Song, Made Up Love Song #43, Mansun’s Only Love Song and even a Ten Storey Love Song. That one took two shifts.

This bit of kit here will get you all sorted out. Clean as a whistle. Smelling like a rose (spot the stray lyric win a NOPRIZE). It don’t matter if they Love You Like A Reptile, Love Unlimited or Love At First Feel. Lingering long on Love Street (Two Times) will do you no harm. If the Love is In An Elevator, The Time Of Cholera or In Vain. If Mr Loverman fires a Love Gun into a House Of Love turning The Love Of The Loveless into the Love Of The Common People we’ve got the tools to put Your Love In A Trash Can.

If Love Will Tear Us Apart and Love Is The Drug then we need to Send Your Love into Love Sweet Exile. Even if the Love Boat Captain follows a Lovefool when Love Goes Into A Building On Fire this is the bit of kit to ensure the Love Comes Down.

So Loves Not A Competition (But We’re Winning) because we can Dance You To The End Of Love with the patented Wolf Child driven (Southern Death) Cult Love Removal Machine. Here we go…

“Check this one”

Just give it 24 hours for the carpets to dry out.

*so not true, the last week was just one big poor pun building up to posting a song by The Cult. When posting songs by one of the best rock bands of the 80’s doing one of their absolute chest beaters. Love Removal Machine is an anthem for snake hipped, bandana wearers in leather trousers… Even if you wear all that on the inside.


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