2008 – Cleopatrick

Hey, remember Cleopatrick from a while back? I featured their last most recent single (at the time) Good Grief and described them as an encouraging noise. Well the industrious Ontario duo have been boshing out new content since then. In the last two months they’ve released the singles Victoria Park, The Drake, Family Van and put out a video promoting their Bummer Tour for their bummer album Bummer.

The Drake was an urgent paranoid sounding bit of two man grunge. Equal parts Jucifer, post grunge phase The Black Keys and Royal Blood in a hurried dodgy deal vouching for itself as ‘not working for the man’ while flinching at sirens in the distance. I liked it. Family Van on the other hand had a big dollop of hip hop in it’s sauce. Again they’re helpful with the subtitles on both tracks videos. This one nails it’s opposition to the wall. Cleopatrick aren’t taking any shit. They’re here to rock hard and do not give a moments thought to who might to might not write it up as next big thing, bankable or ones to watch. There’s an angry youth vibe to the whole thing that makes me feel like a trendy vicar for even listening at my age. I do love a bit of punk fury though. It’s a tradition.

Today’s track in question is a bit of a departure in as much as it’s by a guitar and drums punk rock duo, but this one has no drum track at all. There’s a single pedal distortion guitar tone and a snake like lyric. 2008 starts with some downbeat dirgey intro demo style slow strumming. Very lo-fi 90’s Dinosaur Jr. meets The Bevis Frond vibe. When we get to the lyric about how

“What I meant to say is things ain’t really been the same since 2008”

I had to check myself. I know this band are young. But that was what 10 years ago? 13 years. Yikes. Now I feel old. That’s a long time for a couple of tykes like Cleopatrick. For me? I’ve got jackets from 2008 I still consider new.

There’s a bit of a third wave of grunge meets pre-nu metal vibe to that vocal line at first. I could imagine Life Of Agony, Down or Mad Season vibing with this track. I wouldn’t call it a chorus but the recurring refrain of

“If you ever really cared at all say so, ’cause I’m sick of being on my own, when you give a fuck just let me know”

Has a potency to it I can see being a bit moment in a live set. On the record it’s increasing raw emotion is quite something. What’s special about 2008 is that it feels like it’s going to kick in at almost any minute, but it never actually does, The track remains just lone down tuned strumming and a most sorrowful vocal to the last. Pensive, unsettling. I like it.

Bummer is out now Linky


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