Watering The Well – The Bronx

The Bronx Volume VI is coming. Those throat shredding hardcore punk screamers have put together another album of hard and heavy agit punnnn…. Wait a minute. This isn’t big screamy “YOU MOTHERFUKKA” hardcore at all.

Close your eyes and listen to Watering The Well. Imagine it’s 1979 and someone has told you about this exciting new rock and roll band. They’re called Van Halen and their singer Diamond Dave is a bouncy positive vibe machine. Their guitar player Eddie is all hammer-on pyrotechnics and trick bag riffs. The rhythm section pound out big beats and their songs are all about partying. Imagine that, but still a little bit punk.

“Tonight we’re swinging for the fences, tonight we might not make it home, tonight were travelling under fences, tonight we’re rotten to the bone”

You could easily be sold the idea that The Bronx were a party metal band from 40 years ago on the strength of Watering The Well. This is the third track to make it’s way out as a digital single for VI. The signs are all good.

“She said she used to be a dancer and the rest is a blur”

White Shadow we covered when it dropped. I skipped over Superbloom not because it isn’t a terrific example of the bands mix of punk/hair metal/Thrash hybrid but more because I felt the site could use a few more bands in the mix. I was probably making tenuous links between old songs about different types of hats or something at the time too. Superbloom is a banger and my Van Halen comparison too hot a take to pass up (Irony emoji inserted somewhere around here). We’re three for three on the quality tracks preceding the album so far. As I’ll be doing an end of year round up I didn’t want to spam the site with tracks from the same couple of dozen bands in a year where there is so very much good new and exciting stuff. I haven’t heard all of the new record yet. But I like it’s chances in the year end polls. Seeing as I’m the only one voting and all that.

“I got no plans for the weekend, I got no plans for tonight, so we started drinking and now we’re looking for a fight”

I got my order in with the band early. The albums swankiest variants were already sold out by the time I got to the webstore (same with The Wildhearts and Spiritbox preorders, buying vinyl in 2021 is like prospecting in a goldrush). I did bag a cool orange vinyl variant with a CD though and am very much looking forward to my little bits of plastic and cardboard arriving in 3 months or so. In the mean time have another track by a band who figure big in my musical landscape. The Bronx are Foo Fighters big in my house. These Guys, Spiritbox, The Hold Steady and Sleater-Kinney are stealing 2021 at this point.

“I know what you’re thinking, two wrongs don’t make a right but two wrong feel right tonight, It feels alright”

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