Hate Me – Venus Grrrls

A newly minted fan could be mistaken into thinking this serious single number two not another in a long line of indie releases from the stone cold coolest new band in the UK Venus Grrrls?

It’s the second CD I’ve been in on with enough time to actually buy a copy. That is for sure. I know because I ordered mine right after hearing the single for the very first time.

Historically though, looking at their website (VENUSGRRRLS.COM) there’s now almost entirely an albums worth of releases spanning from 2019’s Freaky Friday up through the Wicked Things EP that have come and gone and we (well I) have missed out on getting the rekkids. If you head over the to the Grrrls Bandcamp page you can pick up a compilation CD of the 2019 releases. Individually, those tracks are still available to download and their sound is now bursting fourth into these two most recent purple clad pen and ink adorned physical releases.

“You hate me and set yourself free”

I went nuts for Goth Girl (not an account of my early 20s I’m referring to VG’s last single released in QTR 1 of 2021) and I’ve been eagerly anticipating the follow up for some time ever since. Hate Me is not right off the bat 🦇 the hooky chant along it’s predecessor was. It still has a massive chorus only this time there’s a bold melodious vocal over tiny synth hum and indie rock chug before you get there. We’re still sped right up to the chorus in just over thirty seconds while the whole thing is done and dusted in what clocks in around two minutes. Is it the production, the bands musicality or the earworm songwriting? How did this band get so good so quick?

“Oh please, ask me nicely”

What’s important is that you (once again) can see/hear Venus Grrrls masterful control of the pop, rock, goth and punk ingredients to deliver a banger of a single. Hate Me is a corker of a tune. It’ll sound brilliant at their gigs and I think you need to get on it right away. So here it is.

“If you wanna be that way I wont have a word to say, I don’t go about my day by finding reasons I can justify my hate, it’s lame”

They’ve got a whole vibe going. Those early singles build atmosphere and a strong direction for the band to flesh out over future releases. There’s as much Biffy Clyro as there is Patti Smith. There’s dollops of The Cure and Banshees next to QOTSA and even Paramore.

“Why do you hate me Honey? Why do you hate me Honey? I’d like to say I don’t care”

Since Goth Girl there’s been other stuff going on for the band too. They featured on a vinyl showcase of young UK bands put out by Blood Records called This Feeling which has sold out. They’ve had radio play, podcast interviews, clicked up video views on the tubes and started announcing honest to goodness live shows again. Now that it’s almost time for us all to be allowed out (Drownload Pilot fest is this weekend, may your socks stay dry hardy campers and moshers alike) I can totally see this band stealing the show at major festivals.

In a U.K. rock and roll landscape that features Creeper, Wolf Alice and Honeyblood this band seem to have been counjoured in a venn pentagram betwix all three. With scene leaders like PJ Harvey, Garbage and Warpaint positioned to take the top spots at future festivals I predict a rapid ascension for this band up the bills.

How could you hate anything about that?

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