Perseverance – Terrorvision

As is customary at the end of a theme week I’m going to post a Terrorvision track. It’s a weird piece of symbiosis that B-Movie Week ended with Alice, What’s The Matter?, B-Sides Week with Some People Say (Extended Remix) and Beard of Bees Week with Fobbed Off (OK so Beard Of Bees Week never happened but it would’ve been cool right?)

Perseverance isn’t about whales really. Then again neither was Hearts Done Time (nor as I think we established was Starving In The Belly Of A Whale, but that ones harder to argue) but it did gift the band the title to their first Greatest Hits compilation Whales And Dolphins: The Best Of Terrorvision. But theme weeks aren’t really important. What’s important is I like the song I’m posting. Today I can say I really do like it very much. This one was an indie disco stomper and no mistake in the second half of the 1990’s. A mid range hit in the years my teens turned to my twenties. A tune that I used love to hear on the dance floor at the student nights and rock clubs of my youth.

Catchy Chorus/Terrible Sleeve

The sea mammals and porpoises are a grab from the lyrics of what was one of TV’s biggest hits. Perseverance was the first single from their third album. The James Bond movie poster styled sleeve shows the Hi-NRG high jinx that await inside. The single came packaged in widescreen shots from the sub-aquatic scenes from Thunderball with myriad B-Sides and multi formats. A Pop-Rock-Bubblegum-Metal-Britpop Shiner in the same vein as Oblivion, Discotheque Wreck and latter day hits Joesphine (see reference to Dude Looks Like A Lady and Lola from the start of the weeks Aerosmith post for kinktext) Friends & Family.

“I was high on a Molotov of cocktails, I was low on a hundred things, I was wrong to put my money where my mouth was, I was right about the whales and the dolphins, Whales and dolphins, whales and dolphins, yeah”

There it is. Your tenuous link for the conclusion of Whale Week. I could have posted a song by Noah And The Whale. Or Joe Bonamassa’s The Whale That Swallowed Jonah (but I feel like we’ve had enough of that already with Tom Waits, The Decemberists and Modest Mouse all wriggling around in there). We could have had Montrose featuring their post Sammy Hagar vocalist Bob James on their 1975 rocker Whaler. KT Tunstall sang The Shanty Of The Whale, Massive Attack have visited The Home Of The Whale and A-Ha admitted We’re Looking For The Whale. French metal titans Gojira have a track about Flying Whales and Lou Reed, ELO, Jethro Tull and Guided By Voices to name but a few have all found resources to take from the giants of the deep.

But I’m choosing Terrorvision, again. Because Terrorvision frikkin’ rock.

“I was blue about the people in the power, I was green that’s my excuse, I was yellow when they said to fight the reds, ‘cos I knew I’d be beaten black and blue, black and blue, battered and bruised, yeah”

Regular Urban Survivors was the third album for TV but the second bite at big time success. Between How To Win Friends and Shaving Peaches it was all on the up for Tony, Shutty, Leigh and Mark at this point in time. Perseverance went top 5 in 1996. Their biggest hit to date. By the time Tequila went to number 2 during the Millennium Party that was 1999 it was all about to come crashing down.

“I was round and about in the area, I was wearing my suit and tie, I was lost in the Bermuda triangle, It all went pear-shaped, twisted and twined, twisted and twined, twisted and twined, yeah”

Land ahoy!

7 thoughts on “Perseverance – Terrorvision

  1. Good finale! They have a Spin Doctors sound to them or vice versa. You listed my 2nd song (ELO.) There is one that I heard the other day, where I have no idea what he’s singing but it sure sounds like a sea shanty to me, from the Voice of Ages album which has The Chieftains performing with other groups. This one is with the Punch Brothers. I do adore this guy’s voice! Don’t be lulled by the 1:23 intro.

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  2. What a tuuuuune! I like quite a lot of this album, my best mate and I of the time used to put this on a lot. Didn’t Bleed Red a favourite but there’s a lot of great songs on that album.

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