Creatures – She Won’t Live

Firstly, I’m not sure if the band name for Violet Orlandi’s new project is deliberately a Bladerunner reference or not. If it is, well played. If it isn’t… People are gonna think it is a Bladerunner reference. Either way She Won’t Live is an excellent name for a gothy little side project and that is exactly what we’re getting here. That’s the spirit.

This songs been following me about. It’s one of those instances of me not going looking for it but, online, in the office at work, when looking at playlists with the sort of stuff I’m listening to in 2021 I can’t seem to avoid Creatures. Not that I want to. Every time I hear it I think, “who’s that?”

I’m a Garbage loving Spiritbox fanboy listening to The Pretty Reckless, Creeper and Architects like I’m 20 and considering dying my hair blue… That is despite being a porky middle manager with grey hair and a stable marriage and loving wife.

Hark at me name dropping Violet Orlandi like we should all know who she is. Like I know who she is! That was irrational of me… not to mention unsportsmanlike. Who is she? Well funnily enough I do sort of know who she is because she rose to fame in a very 2010’s kind of way. The Brazilian singer and virtuoso guitarist was first globally famous for her incredible cover versions on YouTube. She’s covered everyone from Ghost to Alanis Morrissette to Disturbed to Evanescence to Lana Del Rey. She’s gone viral doing Linkin Park, Guns N’ Roses, Korn, that song from The Witcher and a whole whack of System Of A Down.

She’s a tiny pretty hate machine turning heads and hearts black with her Disney goth styling. She has a Patreon and was delighted to announce she was making a living playing music as her life pulled her back and fourth between Brazil, the UK and the USA only a couple of years ago. So a pretty YouTuber doing cover versions for the clicks is one thing. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain… Her talent is more than holding a tune while owning dark hair, doe eyes and porcelain goth looks. Much much more.

Look a tiny bit deeper and you get to her original recordings. Violet Orlandi put out the album High Priests Daughter earlier in 2021 before falling in with producer Toby Wright and *ahem* ₴Ø₦ł₵ VØØĐØØ ₳Ɽ₵Ⱨł₮Ɇ₵₮ *ahem* Brian Diemar. Her debut original album was a beautiful grief stricken love letter to her departed mother. The Worm and Blooming put you in no doubt of her song craft being as honed as her musical dexterity and signature vocal style.

Toby, Violet & ฿Ɽł₳₦ have cooked up a real treat with this debut single. It’s tapping into childish fears, it’s catchy and V really gets to sing on that chorus. More human than human is our motto. The creep of the track finding me everywhere speakers are playing is and ideal match to the subject matter.

“Creatures that lurk in the dark are not the ones leaving marks, missing younger days when I was afraid of, Creatures that lurk in the dark”

That’s a potent ear worm. There’s some lyrical heft there too. There’s stuff about some dark trauma, there’s a steady gloomy feel to the arrangement. Someone has done questionable things. Violet is capable of extra ordinary things. We should revel int his time. She Won’t Live is one to watch.


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