Witchoo – Durand Jones & The Indications

It can’t all be fire and thunder and sturm und drang! Sometimes the disco grooves needs a little updating to. That’s why rockers loved Prince. So they could still slide when they needed to. Funkadelic will get you there too. Before them it was Stevie. All the way way back to Motown.

Blue eyed soul has had it’s moments in the rock world too. Foo Fighters find themselves fixated with David Bowie’s Let’s Dance era at the moment. I think they ‘gots da fevah’ from hanging around with Queens Of The Stone Age since Villains got all Feet Don’t Fail Me Now. We saw Chris Robinson and his Brotherhood spell it out on a Studio 54 light up dancefloor with I Ain’t Hiding. Beck seems to permanently stuck in his Midnite Vultures mode these days.

I’ve also sung the praises of St Paul And The Broken Bones, Black Pumas, Fantastic Negrito when the groove box needed some new slink.

Durand Jones and The Indications have featured here before. With their rather delicious Marvinathon Power To The People. What Witchoo has pumping out behind it is a multi vocalist bass led Rollerskatin’ Jam for a Saturday. You can feel the Stax Of Wax spinning before this track and right after and long into the night. From Bloomington Indiana. It takes some effort to be keeping up with these Joneses. That bassline is almost Another One Bites The Dust but a little more laid back. There’s nothing Vanilla about this track though. Each member of the band gets to try their cheesiest pick up lines and to state how ‘Extra fly’ they may or may not be over a chant so easy breezy you’ll be humming it for hours after you press play on the link below. All in good fun, all for a good time.

This is party music. This is Barbecue music. This is anyone and everyone can dance music. It’s summer and I’m so down with this.

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