The Doll – audiobooks

This songs problematic. It being on SteveForTheDeaf is problematic also. This piece of urgent and unsettling electronica is one thing. I know I’m a rock and punk guy most of the time but we’ve covered dance music here before. Death In Vegas, Flux Pavilion, Bicep, Mint Royale. No problems there. And weirdo outliers (Project Jenny, Project Jan, Pins, Sleaford Mods) and freaky indie curios (Morphine, Dead Rider,Fatima Yamaha)

Anything goes on SFTD if the record does a job. Stands out, makes you laugh, makes you dance… What is up with this woman and her intonation?

OK I first heard it on the drive to a business meeting. Super early start, after a late night. Tired and a little emosh (it was Monday morning and I really could have done with it being Friday afternoon) I got in the car and within ten minutes of hitting the road the clang and blip of The Doll had begun. As I say I’m not averse. Then she started talking. She sounded a bit like Poly Styrene from X-Ray Spex. But languidly telling a rambling tale into a Dictaphone.

“This little girl lost her doll on the muddy road”

I’m already intently listening (and I have to say, for some reason unnerved) the tale goes on. It’s making me tense. I check the info on the cars screen. Now Playing: The Doll by audiobooks. What kind of name is that for a band? Why is it all in lower case too?

“She came from behind and pulled at my arm I said, “I’m sorry, I have not seen it””

Eww. This is odd. I like it. The police are called (in the songs narrative, I’m not reporting the song to the constabulary). The tension builds but the music isn’t getting more tense. It’s getting parpy fanfares in place though

“Thousands of tears came sprawling out of hеr Cupid eyes”

I’m getting the fear. This is like a cheese dream this tune. There’s something odd about a accurately replicated dream state. If it’s not similar to your own it’s very unsettling. I do not dream of tense techno, disinterested 911 operators or lost dolls. It’s been a week now and I can’t get this song out off my head. By the time the beat breaks and it gets something like a chorus the relief is palpable.

“So hard, So hard, So hard, To let go”

This is so full conundrums. Why 911? That’s the American Emergency Services. But she’s standing in the rain talking weird in Coventry. What does this tune have to do with this dialogue. Are all their records like this? Is there more then just this? Is this new? Old? What is this? That is the worst band name I’ve heard in ages. I don’t know what the heck this is. But I like it.


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