Good Times – INXS Featuring Jimmy Barnes

Let’s have another rock and roll number shall we? This is not the first track from this seminal soundtrack album to make it’s way onto this list. We’ve discussed Echo And The Bunnymen covering The Doors on here before. I’m amazed that it’s the only time the Bunnymen have featured on SFTD and will endeavour to remedy that one day in the not too distant tupperware. INXS (always written in capitals) have never been on here with one of their own posts too. Given their ubiquity in the era that taste forgot and the number of their records I have owned in my youth that’s surprising too. Jimmy Barnes on the other hand? This is the only song of his I could name you.

Seven inches of pure joy

To be clear, I’m not going to keep inventing theme weeks just to find ways of shoehorning in tracks from The Lost Boys soundtrack album (muscle bound, flame flanked sax solo week will be a hard seven to come up with) and yet this song has more mileage in it than just being from that film.

I bought this one on seven inch single too. My Brother already had the album but it was there in Woolworths while my pocket money was burning a hole in my pocket. It had that awesome movie poster on the sleeve and I just had to have it. It’s just a bit of good time rock and roll. In a similar vein to Jon Bon and his all star jam for Billy Get Your Guns or yesterdays Ghostbusters/Bus Boys. It’s that all american honky tonk rock and roll that seems vital to an 80’s actioner soundtrack (or is it?).

Other 80’s action Vampire flicks went with Bauhaus for the Susan Sarandon & Bowie starring The Hunger, a scuzzed up Tangerine Dream for Kathryn Bigelow’s deliciously dirty Near Dark and for Transylvania 6-5000? Well, that’s a gag to good to pass up. Multiple times.

This song is a duet of two Aussie rockers doing Hollywood a solid and providing them with rock and roll cliches aplenty by covering The Easybeats hit that talks of Mary Mary, Boney Maroney, Long Tall Sally, Short Fat Fanny and the whole gang tipping up to get get get get down.

The Lost Boys maybe more horror than action (there’s a fair whack of comedy watering it all down though) and INXS more pop than rock at times. What qualifies this record for the list is the indisputable fact that there is sheer joy made tangible on this song. For INXS this is wish fulfillment. Barnes was the front man for Cold Chisel. One of the biggest bands in Oz while they were coming up. Down Under Cold Chisel were AC/DC famous in the late 70’s. It’s clear Hutch and Co are mega-fans getting to live the dream as they bosh this out. After CC split in ’83. Barnes solo career saw him work with Desmond Child and all the same mad scientists who sculpted MTV hits for Bon Jovi, Bryan Adams, Cher and all those other Hair Metal, Radio rock 80’s types. These days he’s playing rockabilly with Slim Jim Phantom and enjoying not being mega famous by all accounts.

The Lost Boys was well covered in the Bunnymen post so I’ll sign off today with a slice of infectious fun. That seven inch single has been played a thousand times by me in the intervening years. It’s been a secret weapon in my DJ box, it’s been danced to on a dansette in school friends garages and it sometimes gets spun even now, while I’m kicking back in the music room.


9 thoughts on “Good Times – INXS Featuring Jimmy Barnes

  1. Tune! And that film, genuine classic in that era, it deserves a bit more atmospheric, world-building love than it probably gets as well.

    Also, while I don’t know an excess (!) of INXS, it’s one of my favourite band names. It’s got endless levels of cleverness and description. I know I don’t have to explain but for some reason that’s one of those wordy things I LOVE.

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