Goodtime Girl – Starcrawler

Yet another track from the Dark Knights: Death Metal Comic Book Soundtrack extravaganza. After the dark ambient tribute to Diana Prince from Chelsea Wolfe and Mastodon making a *ahem* Batman in a suit of armour with light up eyes fighting a demon sounding* Forged By Neron it would appear that the Harley Quinn of the modern rock and roll landscape is throwing her dirty tiara into the ring.

Arrow DeWilde and her band of Droogs have gone full production value remake of The Warriors in a proper promo video for Goodtime Girl. A video that masks up a couple of absolute screen legends for an after credit coda that puts most comic book movies in the shade. You might spot the odd rock god in there too, making like the Channel 5 News Team in Anchorman.

“Down in the dirt, every time it hurts, so good, I can’t explain, let me come and waste your time away”

The tune is a ripe piece of sleaze rock just like the band have been building towards with their last two albums. I’m still convinced this band are the new Alice Cooper (Killer & Love It To Death era especially). It drips with 70’s guitar rock goodness and while the lyrics may seem all fixated on the genitals the delivery makes it feel like a threat rather than a come on.

“Mama always said I’d be someone’s queen, someone to hold me tight, so I can rest in peace, I’ll be your little darling, wait and see, close your eyes, count to three, close your eyes and you’ll see me”

This band don’t just rock, they roll. That bass line and back beat may not be narrow or hard to master, they do however underpin a storm of glam rock guitars from string slinger Henri Cash that seem to smudge the make up across the faces of anyone in a half mile radius. The band fill out a low end frug for a roaring vocal performance from the nice lady.

The rhythm section of this band are so solid (take a bow for your plank spankin’ Tim Franco and your skin pounding Seth Carolina). So groovey and so in tune with what they need to do they remind me of AC/DC in their prime or Duff and Adler in the early GNR line up. Guns N’ Roses is another accurate touchstone for where Starcrawler are at.

There was a rumour once that Guns auditioned Courtney Love to replace Axl Rose (I’m guessing this was just about pre Velvet Revolver stage). Now I can only imagine how much that record would have excited me and how likely it was that it would dissapoint me too. If it came out sounding like Goodtime Girl I’da been delighted. As it was we have this now instead. I’ll take it.

So they’re racking up the days as featured artist on SteveForTheDeaf on the strength of their song book and the pedigree of their influences. More of this sort of thing please!

*you know what I mean


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