Stunt Doubles – workfriends

Well this rips along. This absolutely disturbs the peace on point of entry with it’s niggle niggle niggle guitar sound. A pointy little angular riff that Franz Ferdinand would’ve got off the ground with in their early days gets things started. This is that jerky type of indie guitar rock reinvented for the 2020’s. Then a stroppy almost rapping young Curtis-alike comes pipping in pretty quick. Half spitting bars and half talking in the currently compulsory Idles meets Yard Act way it’s got the right mix of angular guitar and lip curled observational lyrics and more than a dash of PiL era Johnny. A Sheffield band mixing Sheffield vibes like Arctic Monkeys, Pulp, Reverend and the Makers and also taking in the current indie scene stylistics of Sports Team, Do Nothing and a smidge of Fontaines D.C. too.

Stunt Doubles is urgent and insistent but also catchy as all heck. The reverb echo employed to such great effects at the break down also ends the song like a young bands first decent demo tape while playing with the settings on their equipment. And I like that. It’s confident in what it’s doing with limited resources but shows boundless enthusiasm to invent.

Like audiobooks the other day workfriends are another band not doing the whole capital letter thing when they typeset their name. This is starting to bug me. Once upon a time Pixies insisted they were PIXIES all the time. And you’ve already seen above how Public Image Ltd like to write their i.

I’m not the grammar police (regular followers of this page can vouch for that, though I may be a wanted man myself given some of the typo’s I bang out) it’s just an observation

Weird little indie bands making off center noises is to be encouraged.

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