Wait A Minute My Girl – Volbeat

I like a bit of Volbeat. That voice you can recognise anywhere. Michael Poulson of Volbeat is one of the most upbeat and happy sounding leaders of a huge band (In Europe they’re particularly massive) when he wants to be. They’re an band who are clad in black denim and leather and featuring giant skulls and demon wings on all their stage sets and have a whole dark side/light side thing going on in their beck catalog. A metal band who are kinda done with the frowning these days. They seem to advance their sound towards living in Metallica’s Whiskey In The Jar house party with a perma-smile on their faces. Always happy to be rocking up a storm. Always welcome to do so to my ears.

“Summer’s up and I want you to know that I won’t live a minute without ya, I’ve been waiting for a while, I always had you on my mind”

Wait A Minute My Girl is their most recent single. A lively honk of two and a half minutes of classic sounding Rock and Roll. There’s a piano tonking away under guitars set to party and a sax solo that more than buddies up to the stolen lines from Elvis Presley. I’d say it’s in cahoots with them and they’re looking to find some mischief. The lyrics suggest they’re done waiting. Done being patient. The minute of pause they’re referring to keeps being followed by matters of urgency…

“There’s a light and it’s right there in front of me and a voice that whispers family, don’t ignore the signs, the symbols that are here, you might find the reason why you’re here”

What could you possibly take against such an endeavour? WAMMG came to dance and like a group of neighbours on Hogmanay, Volbeat arrive at your front door (or your blue tooth speakers) reel through your house sharing drinks and ruffling up carpets with good cheer and best wishes. Then in moments they’re gone. Out the other end of your place leaving you blessed and charmed and with a modicum of tidying up to do. The spirit lingers longer than the visit. They’re a little down the lane now but the sax carries.

both the brass and the piano are provided by road dogs who’ve played with Volbeat before. Doug Corcoran brought the toots and the keys belong to Raynier Jacob Jacildo along to the trio’s usual arrangement. Jazzers who know Skip Towne and the Greyhounds or JD McPherson will have heard their playing before. These guys are the best at what they do. In the rock stakes this stuff sits right along side Danko Jones and Clutch as bands who have huge followings but seldom seem to register outside the lanes of their genre. Massive in the rock clubs. Unheard of in the mainstream. That means they’re all ours!

Wait A Minute… was released as a double A-Side along with the entirely more Danish sounding Dagen Før. The Copenhagen rock machine never forget their roots or to bring their friends along to the party. Stine Bramsen from Alphabeat joins in on vocals for a power pop duet that takes the party to the beach.

It’s summer and the Danes are ready to run a crate round the lake. Skål

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