ABSUЯD – Guns N’ Roses

absurd/əbˈsəːd/Learn to pronounceadjective

  1. wildly unreasonable, illogical, or inappropriate.”the allegations are patently absurd”
  2. Similar:preposterous ridiculous ludicrous farcical laughable risible idiotic stupid foolish silly inaneimbecilic insane hare-brained unreasonable irrational illogical nonsensical pointless senseless outrageous shocking astonishing monstrous fantastic incongruous grotesque unbelievable incredible unthinkable implausible crazy barmy daft
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Well, this isn’t this lovely? After Tom, Bruce and young Edward making us all feel nice and fuzzy yesterday look who’s back. If it isn’t Mr Cheerful himself. Hello Axl. How have you been these last ohhh 13 years is it? Seems like longer.

“Listen motherfuckers to the song that should be heard, Back down in the gutter is more than you deserve, Screaming fucking banshee, you know that’s what you are Pussy full of maggots, isn’t that absurd”

OK. That’s nice. I see time to reflect has meant you don’t (like me) discount Chinese Democracy as valid cannon GNR. Or do you? Is it possible Axl? That you reflect upon the period that when it was just you and a couple dozen yes men polishing turds in your basement for an entire decade, you acknowledge you couldn’t write a song worthy of your work with Slash, Duff, Izzy and the others. I did buy your last record. I played it a couple of times too. It didn’t really stick with me. At all. In any way. Even though I wanted it to.

“Dizzy little dreamer with your head down in the stars, Fucking little schemer lost yourself inside the art, Syphilitic priestess baby, I know who you are, Parasitic demon sucking acid through your heart”

This is a conundrum. SteveForTheDeaf is a site dedicated to celebrating great songs. It is as I put it in the Intro Groove on day 1 “For the enthusiasts”. There’s little to discuss in the enthusiasm stakes here as it’s not a particularly great song. However, as a ‘big news story’ in the heavy rock world I feel like I ought to cover it.

ABSUЯD has a filthy enough punk-metal riff. A huge dollop of anger that smells like misogyny in it’s lyrics and is essentially one verse repeated with a couple of tweaks. Near the end there’s a weak breakdown that doesn’t do anything of note really bar some studio wishy washy effects. Slash does a solo. That’s quite nice. This is not befitting the band who recorded the greatest debut album of all time.

The net is frothing at the nugget of fact that this song has been kicking about as a Chinese Democracy outtake under a different name. It was Silkworms since before Dr. Pepper felt generous regarding the release of the last album. So some fans are a bit put out that the new single has been on bootlegs since 2001.

What if these lyrics are by Axl, for Axl, about Axl? He’s the “Dizzy little dreamer”. He’s the one “Lost inside your art”. You don’t have to be a qualified shrink to see the guys got Demons. Maybe his Black Dog is the “Syphilitic Preistess”, his mental health is calling him the *ahem* “Pussy full of Maggots”. Maybe this is an exercise in self help. Maybe the band have agreed to assist Axl work through some shit by ending the decade (and change) of silence. Get something out. Anything to break the dam blocking the creative process. That makes sense to me. That I can understand. That I can get enthusiastic about.

The man who wrote Sweet Child O’ Mine, Civil War, November Rain and then Howard Hughesed himself from his band for almost two decades has had some adventures since Down On The Farm. There was the touring before CD’s release and the super late stage times. The revolving door of musicians for the album. The stint fronting AC/DC. Most people were pretty positive about that. Then there was the Not In This Lifetime tour. I haven’t been to see it. I saw them enough back in the day. I don’t need it. But I wish all involved well. Now there is this. Perhaps it’s just in time. Just in this life time. Perhaps before “Just another life slips away”

10 thoughts on “ABSUЯD – Guns N’ Roses

  1. That’s what I’m irritated about too. Not a Guns ‘N Roses fan, but the band hasn’t put anything out in what 13 years and the best they could do was repurpose an old song that Duff and Slash had nothing to do with before?!?!

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      1. Which is a shame because I figured 13 years would’ve been enough time to put together some new material, especially with Duff and Slash back in the band.

        I read about the band on Wikipedia, but I’m still confused about why Duff and Slash rejoined Guns N’ Roses.

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