When I Needed You – The Chain Reaction

All I’m saying is some bands are destined to Make It, some slog out after a couple of Seasons of Wither yet they don’t Get Their Wings.

Every serious Line Up must start out expecting Nine Lives and a long career ahead of them.

Rock and Roll Archaeology finds you spinning some unusual stuff as if you’re looking up Kings and Queens in history or searching through Toys In The Attic.

Obviously not all Rock and Roll legends start off Amazing as soon as they Draw The Line on their first Combination.

Sometimes when Push Comes To Shove they’ve got to Stop Messing Around before they get On The Road Again and start playing the right instruments.

Maybe for every Critical Mass formed on a debut single there are thousands who don’t have What It Takes.

It might just be this song has the Magic Touch in the drummers mind but others just hear the Same Old Song & Dance.

Though perhaps this is just a group who never got out from between The Rock In A Hard Place after their attempt to Chip Away At The Stone.

Hear me out, when I Think About It I suspect you’ll come Full Circle and conclude When I Needed You kinda Rocks


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