Lord Of The Thighs – The Breeders

We’ve covered Aerosmith doing covers. We’ve covered other bands covering Aerosmith. We haven’t covered Aerosmith ourselves (because we are not a band. I’m a blogger, musically you’d be doing all the heavy lifting) If we were an Aerosmith covers band what would we call ourselves? I’m going with either Aerostiff or Aero Force Two.

We haven’t covered their contribution to hip hop. We’re not doing Run-DMC and Walk This Way, nor Eminem with his Dream On sample on Sing For The Moment. Nope we’re talking about Aerosmith’s influence on Grunge. It’s a documented fact that Kurdt himself loved Aerosmith back in the day. So too did The Breeders, Soundgarden, we’ve discussed R.E.M. already.

On the flipside of perhaps the greatest single of the 1990’s Cannonball you will find The Breeders version of Lord Of The Thighs. This single by erstwhile Pixies bass legend and cooler than cool generational icon Kim Deal’s other band’s breakthrough hit is a most perfect relic of another of rock and rolls bygone eras. The fuzzy helmet sleeve courtesy of 4AD stylist and graphic design legend Vaughn Oliver contained a twelve inch single with two major important tunes on and two not so important dirges.

If The Breeders were to be taken seriously as more then an MTV one hit wonder Cro-Aloha and 900 were not going to do it. They were awkward, lumpy noises. Perfect for the alternative scene of the time but with zero crossover value. Lord Of The Thighs on the other hand. Even if you were plaid and lank to the core you could dig that pummeling bass line. If you had one eye on your history you could join the dots.

In the same year Aerosmith were doing Get A Grip and going totally shiny and plastic on Music Television, The Breeders were the warriors of the new wave of anti rock star rock stars. When a female sings a lyric like Lord Of The Thighs is seems like a political statement.

Almost 20 of your Earth years earlier Aerosmith’s second album featured the song as it’s second track. The debut was yet to yield a proper hit (Dream On from the debut did hit but later) so the sleazier, meaner and spacier second album slithered out. Brad Whitford takes the lead on this one and live it often gets whistles bells dog walks and layers of jam added to it to expand the song out into a bit of an epic. It’s classic 70’s sleaze rock. Lyrically it’s about the dodgy characters who hung around the low rent hotel the band stayed in while recording Get Your Wings. It was the last song recorded for the album and written in the studio. It gives you a real feel for the bands chops as a live proposition even on the record. It appears on most of their live releases too as it really does show them off at their dangerous best.

Below the text I’m posting the two bands studio versions and a live take from each of them too. That there Lord of the darkness Danzig has covered Thighs too. So have a bit of that while you’re at it.


8 thoughts on “Lord Of The Thighs – The Breeders

  1. First time hearing the song so am unbiased on the versions of it. I have to say the first studio of The Breeders is damned hot. That “flat tire effect” rhythm is very affecting. I went out to find the lyrics and you’re right so much different with a female singing them. I like the Aerosmith version also but not quite as well. I had forgotten Kim had a twin sister that played with The Breeders (and maybe other bands?) for awhile. I didn’t watch the live Aerosmith one. The last video was unnamed and unavailable.

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