Go Get A Tattoo – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

“When are you coming to get a tattoo?”

The new album is definitely going to have a sound. Coming hot on the heels of The Wildhearts 21st Century Love Songs and Creeper with American Noir, FC&TRS new album Sticky is going to be this September’s latest bit of bouncy punk rock whence which happy/angry melodic melodies soak into the consciousness from here on out. Just a couple of listens to Go Get A Tattoo and it’s in there for good.

“I can give it and receive it, But I don’t wanna believe that, This is all that we are good for, I can love it I can leave it, But I don’t wanna believe it, When you say that we are done for”

I’ve noted the shift in sound before. On the review for title track and second single Sticky. It came up with the first peek at My Town too. Guests, pop sensibilities, remixable rhythm section grooves. The Rattlesnakes are in party mode. There’s a bit of Pure Love at the Gallows with the Rattlers these days. The main man’s whole body of work leaning into each other to make a thing so gloriously wild and all embracing. Of course I’m not only talking about his recorded output and older bands. Frank is a keen and verbose Tattooist. He cites the inspiring, sociable and community based relationship an inker has with his clients often in interviews. It’s a part of the culture that means something deep to both the jobbing artist and recipient of the art with their living canvas and obligation for aftercare of the creation. Franks been selling visual art along side (and combined with) his music all along. The book editions of this bands deluxe CD’s are wonderful abstract objects in one sense and unique pieces of band merch in another.

“Are you in or are you out? All you’re selling me is doubt, Am I not the answer you’re looking for? Are you sure you don’t look sure? And we’ve been in this mess before”

To the song! The Song! Frank makes the trip to the artists chair seem like a rite of passage and a vital experience you wanna have. The chorus is of existential dread and end of days dystopia and yet it sounds like you don’t wanna miss it. The songs tight beat and guest vocalist Lynks making the whole track feel like party music.

“It’s 2 AM, fuck it I’m getting a tattoo, That shows I love all the same shit that you do, It’s about time I tried something new, To stick and poke out my commitment issues, So ink me! Hit me with the pen”

It’s more a ‘get your kicks before the whole shit house goes up in flames’ kinda party I’ll give you that. But it’s still fun. Ever get the feeling if Modern Life were a TV show we can at least celebrate that we made it on to the cast photo of the final season?

There’s already a Tattoo anthem or two in the Parthenon of alternative music. From Dropkick Murphy’s Got A Rose Tattoo to Red Dragon Tattoo by Fountains of Wayne. Everyone from Rory Gallagher to BOC to Bruce Dickinson has had a say on the topic. It’s not just an alternative culture thing either. Acts as homely and airbrushed as Sade & Ariana Grande have sung an ode to the ink. Take into account my personal personal favourite Carter USM’s Let’s Get Tattoos just met a challenger and I’m feeling like I might get that Ace Of Spades with the Ziggy Stardust bolt through it I liked the look of after all.

“Smash your TV, Burn the nеws, All they play is different ways, That wе live and we lose, Smash your sadness, Go get a tattoo, We were born to win, Not born to lose”


2 thoughts on “Go Get A Tattoo – Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes

  1. Very cool. I do like that tune! Don’t forget Hard Core Logo’s Blue Tattoo, great tune. Definitely not alternative culture anymore, when tramp stamps and tribal bands seem to be on the muffin tops and flabby biceps of everyone at the Walmart. But hey, it’s about expression, I’m sure they belong to some sort of tribe… Myself personally, I never could think of anything I’d want to write on myself that would be there forever. I don’t think that means I have wandering convictions, more that unless and until I find that statement I won’t do it, and just getting Something because I ought to doesn’t appeal much.

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