Peace Pipe – The Bronx

“Are you gonna just keep singing the same song, until the Reaper comes along?”

Preordering an album many months in advance is a kind of (extremely low) risk proposition that makes record buying in the pandemic age a very different experience.

I bought my last Bronx album at a merch table at a Bronx show. The most ‘as it should be’ way to buy a punk record if you’re being all ‘scene purist’ about it. I bought the one before that in a punk only record shop in a north London back street (Shout out to All Ages Records, one of the things I miss most about going into the London office) so that feels kinda on point too. I hate to admit it, but Jeff Bezos flew the one before that to me in a cock shaped rocket. This one though?

I’ve already posted about ordering it online from the bands own website and pouting about missing out on the early bird special of the splodgy splatter vinyl. I’ve made my peace with that. The different thing that happens with preorder album launches is the multitude of pre-release tracks that leak out in the 5-6 month gap between parting with your pin number and the albums actual release. There were five of eleven tracks “leaked” before the album launched. Each one a frikkin’ belter of a single and each one different in style to the predecessor.

The track they’re using to actually launch the album is the anthemic Peace Pipe. It’s got a proper video, “Woah oh ohh” backing vocals and an ear worm melody right up there with anything on V. Oh that’s the other thing with Bronx albums. They just title them with Roman Numerals. This one is album number six. VI. Prior to VI, V was my favourite Bronx album. It’s my contention this band keep getting better and better.

It’s bank holiday weekend in the UK right now (insert space time tupperware disclaimer here). To an Alternative and Indie type that means Reading Festival Weekend. I’ve been officially too old to go for a few years now (last time I went was 2016 and I’m still a bit sore in the neck from the RHCP moshpit) but in this pandemicy half life I wouldn’t go this year even if I had a ticket. The album dropped yesterday and I had a long drive ahead of me for work. So a swift download and a bluetooth hook up later and we are away.

I’m up and out early and White Shadow opens the album just as magnificently as it opened the promo campaign back in March.

There’s five tracks in order before we get to a song I haven’t already heard. Side one leaked in sequence (or close to) it appears. Peace Pipe is strong and catchy alongside Superbloom and Curb Feelers. This is shaping up to be a strong album.

I’ll hold off talking about the other tracks for now as I’ve a strong feeling after the first couple of listens this record is going to make the end of year list coming in December. So You’ll *ahem* hear about it later (Van Halen reference which is a heavy meta Watering The Well reference, God I’m good).

It’s Saturday Morning right now and I’m still waiting for the physical product to actually arrive (another bug bear of record buying in the pandemic age) even after launch date you gotta wait. I’m listening to my digital download while the postman does his rounds.

I’m delighted that of all the punk bands I decided to go all in on way back in the I and II era, that The Bronx have turned out to be the ones who mix, Hardcore, Metal, Rock and Pop to increasingly delightful effect.That is when they’re not being their side project Mexican Party Mariachi band Mariachi El Bronx or their other side project Surf Rock Soundtrack band Pounded By The Surf.

This band deserve to be huge. HUGE.

6 thoughts on “Peace Pipe – The Bronx

  1. Here comes Aaron with that old story (again) about that time seeing these guys in concert. It wasn’t planned, they were an opener, but they were really good! New music is pleasing. I also didn’t know about the side projects – cool!

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