Coming Up Tough – Chubby And The Gang

Chubby And The Gang. Sounds like it’s going to be a band made up of people in giant felt suits. Perhaps dressed as giant animals in primary colours. Like The Wiggles or Teletubbies or (throw back for the old gits) The Banana Splits. Such a cute name. Cute friendly characters that teach you when to clap along to their bouncy little ditties. The sort of songs that teach you how do do your times tables or how to cross the road safely or something right?


Coming Up Tough is the follow up single to I Hate The Radio. Both tracks are taken from the album The Mutts Nuts. So too is Lighting Don’t Strike Twice. It’s all very spirit of ’77 meets pub rock and a dash of early 90’s pre-Britpop indie.

Coming Up Tough? The Mutts Nuts? I Hate The Radio? Maybe Chubby is for the children. Just what we need.

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