Sister Heroine – Beth Hart

I like Beth Hart’s voice and her down home no bullshit approach to country rock. Mrs ForTheDeaf is a big fan of hers too, so she gets played a lot in our house and on long car journeys. Especially the albums Better Than Home, My California and Fire On The Floor. I only know who she is thanks to Saul Hudson. A Slash guest spot is often a way for a band with all the requisite real credentials to get the profile bump they need to get heard.

We discovered Beth because Slash put his name and bent his strings for this track. The Classic Rock scene gave it a column inch or two and now we’re proper fans. Sister Heroine is a beautiful ballad performed by a massive talent. Slash really doesn’t need to be here except to lend his support. It’s testament to the guy that he doesn’t even showboat his butt off on here like he might have been asked on bigger names records. When working with Lenny Kravitz you got the impression it was a mutual appreciation thing. When he soloed all over Blackstreet it looked more like show stealing. With Michael Jackson they were renting his credibility in exchange for him getting a peek behind the wizards curtain. On stuff like Sister Heroine he plays slow, low and gentle. He lets Beth shine. Not that she wouldn’t have done without him. Check out the Live take below without the top hat to see the utter musicality of the woman. She’s amazing.

So this post gives us a chance to talk of Slash as a collaborator. We’ll cover Slash the solo artist in a bit. First of all. Check him out lurking in the studio with everyone from Alice Cooper (he played on the version of Under My Wheels commissioned for the soundtrack of The Fall Of Western Civilization Pt 2 by Penelope Spheeris and on Trash, Hey Stoopid, The Last Temptation and Along Came a Spider) and Ozzy Osbourne to Macy Gray and Mark Lanegan.

Forever Hollywood, he has played for actors records when they’ve tried their hands at rock and roll. Johnny Depp got a leg up into Hollywood Vampires via Slash’s Camp Freddy jam band and he lent a hand to Gina Gershon’s album In Search Of Cleo. On other film soundtracks he’s worked with Clint Mansell (ex of PWEI) Marta Sanchez, Michael Monroe (ex-Hanoi Rocks and a guest on GNR’s big double album blow out too), Ray Charles and Brian Tyler (for a Fast & Furious movie). He’s made soundtrack recordings a thing he does live too often playing Theme From The Godfather or Love Story live. Look I’m not going to name them all here there’s just too much.

I’m happy to say he spent time playing with BB King, Jerry Lee Lewis, Motörhead and Foo Fighters so we’ve got the other main eras of rock that weren’t already all his covered.

To his credit though. He will play with bands or artists just because he likes them. They don’t need a deal, they don’t need to be label-mates or even in the same genre.

Beth’s a real headliner worthy talent. Anyone can see that a mile off. Slash saw it before most.


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