Lock ‘N’ Load – The Dead Daisies

This is the other type of Slash collaboration. This is a rock out with your mates in the recording studio blast. Lock ‘N’ Load by The Dead Daisies screams at you “This is SLASH on Guitar!”

The Dead Daisies are made up of the sorts of ner-do-wells Slash hangs about with during his down time. An Australian/American combo of rock and roll lifers who’ve seen the world many times over from the road dog perspective of perennial touring band status. That’s a compliment by the way. A huge one. The line up evolves and rotates to take in people from the biggest of groups at various points. Glenn Hughes has sung in The Dead Daisies. Yes that Glenn Hughes, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Black Country Communion Glenn Hughes. Darryl Jones has pushed up the Daisies. Yes the guy who has played bass in The Rolling Stones for the last two decades. That guy. John Corabi from The Scream and latterly Motley Crue has stepped in on vocals and rhythm at times. Tommy Cluefoss has drummed for them. The guy Black Sabbath got in for The End because Bill couldn’t (or wouldn’t) do it himself. Mind you, if you look at the bands Wiki they’ve had more drummers than Spinal Tap so tread carefully there Tommy. Ozzy might need you back yet you know.

The constant in the line up is David Lowry. David is the son of some rich business dude who did the ultimate teenage rebellion maneuver and went off to form a band with his trust fund. I’m not even mad. Fair play. Except it’s not exactly like that really. He had a very successful business career himself, like MEGA successful. Like a full working life. He also made a name for himself as a skillful aviator. The dude built and owns an aviation museum. It was after two very successful careers already that THEN he formed a rock and roll band as a grown arsed adult. Still bloody rebellious. Even if the band started when David was in his 50’s. He’s like Tony Stark in an episode of What If…? Who decides not to become Iron Man but to play Iommi’s riff to Iron Man instead.

On this particular take from their debut album you’ve got former Jesus Christ Superstar Superstar Jon Stevens on vocals, Johnny Salerno on Drums and Simon Hosford of Men At Work (Weird flex, but OK) on Bass.

Slash turning up and being Slash happens a lot. He’s Slashed all over the Guitar Hero videogame universe and oddly the Angry Birds games soundtracks too. In cartoons he’s provided music for Phineas and Ferb and he backed comedian Sam Kinison’s attempt at a music career all the way back in 1990.

Recently he and Myles Kennedy popped up on the soundtrack to Disney movie Stuntman doing their best rendition of Rocketman. GNR were all over Terminator 2, Dirty Harry in Dead Pool, Days Of Thunder, Interview With The Vampire and with Velvet Revolver he played for Hulk. Solo he went back to the Terminator Universe for the soundtrack to Terminator Salvation. He’s also played on the score for The Italian Job remake (no surprise with his Camp Freddy background) and produced some horror movies with his own film company confidently titled Slasher Films.

He helped to revive Iggy Pop’s failing career with his GNR band mates on Brick By Brick (he’s on Skull Ring too) and other records to reach the Slash treatment not yet mentioned this week include Skid Row vocalist Sebastian Bach’s first solo recordings, no less than three Carole King albums, Tributes to and original recordings by Bob Dylan and pop smash Rockstar 101 by Rhianna.

There’s still so many more to talk of let’s make room make room for the rest of the week and go full on “SLASH IS PLAYING GUITAR ON THIS TRACK!” for the Saturday post on Slash Week at SteveForTheDeaf.

Lock for rock. Load for… Toads? Let’s do it.

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