Here’s To Us – Halestorm (Guests Version)

two things that got profile boosts on SFTD in it’s second run were my love of Halestorm and the varied discography of Saul SLASH Hudson. So lets set up our final month with a toast. Thanks for reading. Thanks for coming back if you were around back in the pre-pandemic days. The earlier version of the site was possibly a little more grown up than the lockdown version. Or maybe I posted all the tasteful songs I liked first time round. Truth be told. Big arms in the air scream along celebratory arena rock and I. We’re soppy about each other.

“We could just go home right now, or maybe we could stick around for just one more drink”

Here’s To Us is a simple song in many ways. An emotional button pusher. Custom built to finish a rock show with a hearty chorus and tear in the eye. It’s all theater when all said and done and this one plays the rule book perfectly. The original version as played by Halestorm closes out their coming of age album The Strange Case Of… It’s a moment for the leather jacket and band T-Shirt crowd to throw arms around one another and treat every Thursday night like it’s New Years Eve.

As is the way with albums in the 21st century there is a deluxe expanded version.

“Stuck it out this far together, put our dreams through the shredder, let’s toast ’cause things got better and everything could change like that”

The Strange Case Of Deluxe sounds like a noir novel about a detective inquiry into the death of a pornstar. I’m here for it. On that album are several less than essential extra tracks that only serve to dilute the well crafted listening experience as intended. We’re in the post B-Side era though, so these curios have to get from band to fan somehow. On the do-over of Here’s To Us Myles Kennedy from Alter Bridge and Slash’s band lends his pipes. So too does David from Disturbed, Tyler from Theory Of A Dead Man, Maria from In This Moment and Brent from Shinedown. That’s a chorus line that will cause some folk to conclude “Wowsers that’s a full on rock club line up, how did they get so many big names on one track?” and others will stare blankly thinking “I have no clue who any of those people or bands are”. That’s the type of world Halestorm represent. There are two other names on the track that carry considerably more heft. Wolfgang Van Halen from Mammoth (and heir to the Van Halen dynasty) and Slash duel their guitars behind the Live Aid for the working week choir building at the end of the tune.

“Here’s to us, here’s to love, all the times, that we messed up, here’s to you, fill the glass, ’cause the last few nights have kicked my ass”

I’m going to take the sentiment. This tune is both anthem for the tired and weary to get right before they get back on the horse and it’s a trifling nothing. A saccharine taste at the the end of an episode of a sit com. All is redressed and rebalanced before the next commercial break. And so it is with SteveForTheDeaf. The doomsday clock says we’re two minutes to midnight. It’s also of no importance whatsoever.

I made a big hoohaa last time I shut up shop. Then came slinking back like the script writers had me dangling from a ledge just off camera for the reboot. Well. Not this time. Or maybe. Never say never…

If they give ya hell, tell em to go fuck themselves, here’s to us

5 thoughts on “Here’s To Us – Halestorm (Guests Version)

  1. My vote: You simply cannot shut ‘er down for good. We need you! Brevity is the soul of wit, man, it takes me far less than five minutes to slap up a couple of lines and a YouTube link per day. You can do that while you sip your morning coffee! No more series, no more themes, that’s fine. No more longer posts full of all the info I know you know, that’s fine. Just whatever song is in your head or your player! You gotta keep us connected! \m/ \m/

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