Twist Of Cain – Danzig

It’s simple stuff this rock and roll music really. You need a drum beat. It can be a plodding thud. It really doesn’t have to be anything special.

You need an electric guitar. Just one really. It has to do something a little bit memorable. Like the melody we have here. A little nug of melody all it’s own. You can distort it, layer it, add features and frills but you got to have something to build on. This is your hook. Or, if you shall, if you will, if you must “Your Riff”.

You can go big or keep it simple. You can have two or even three guitarists (If you look just outside the window on our right you can see the peaks of Iron Maiden in their dotage) in your band. But one simple melody is just as effective in all honesty. Royal Blood to our left are an excellent case in point and we’ve recently driven through The White Stripes neigbourhood if you’ll recall.

Instrumentally you could muster up some tasty rock and roll with just the guitar and drums (I see you lurking there Morphine with your many songs without guitar, I see you).

Bass is often considered optional. If we’re being mostly judicious for most then I’d say you gotta have it, mostly. Then you need your MVP important ingredient. A tiny muscle bound Satanic Elvis impersonator. This is essential. He can he a gym obsessed litigious humour vacuum without spoiling the music. But make no mistake Danzig is essential.

Do you really need me to walk you through his stint in The Mistfits? Samhain? The solo stuff? The covers albums? Glenn Danzig is on this list for none of those reasons and yet all of those reasons.

He’s making the cut in the last dozen or so posts because when Twist Of Cain comes on in a rockers bar, from a jukebox, a mix-tape or a dedicated decisive Barback who has put their own phone on, so everyone can groove to a bit of the diminutive dark lord… Well, then you know you’re in a decent establishment. They’ll have Type O Negative Bloody Mary’s here. They’ll serve Trooper Beer and Dead Man’s Fingers rum. Those who know, know. Those who don’t won’t spot the difference between this and any other rock and roll song on a randomizer playlist. Imma post and link for Mother too for the same reason, before I head out.

Throw in the odd church bell at the end and you’ve got yourself a classssssic. The final Ten is up next. What’s your poison?

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