Blowin’ In The Wind – The Staple Singers

Folks have been a coverin’ Bob Dylan since he was (now hear this!) Robert Zimmerman. The Staple Singers man… It’s right there in the name. So this fine old cakey mix of the trad field song No More Auction Block the Pete Seeger components and Bobalob’s own input make this as an authentic piece of American music as it is possible to be. This is almost The Star spangled Banner without the reductionism or Amazing Grace without being written in the Home Counties of England.

Blowin’ In The Wind is so damned ubiquitous they can crack jokes about it in The Simpsons and kids will laugh. Kids Donnie! Kids! All 80’s pop culture was built by the once youthful leaders of the hippie generation really. So Homer trying to answer the metaphorical questions in an anti-war anthem literally, was right on the nose.

“How many roads must a man walk down before he’s really a man?”

‘Is it six? Nine?’

He may have been the last notable celebrity to leave a mark on this monument of song. Put Homer alongside the other hot takes from Sam Cooke, Etta James, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Diana Ross, Joan Baez, Marianne Faithfull, Neil Young, Dolly Parton and dozens of others who have covered it.

Protestors sleeping on the white house lawn were honour bound to know the chords and the words back in the days when you could do such a thing. You can pass this off at any jam night.

This is a big. Fucking. Tune.


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