Highway 61 Revisited – PJ Harvey

There are a lot of really big and famous Bob Dylan cover versions. Songs so famous you’d forgive the average Joe on the street for not knowing they were Bob first and Guns N’ Roses, The Byrds or Jimi Hendrix second.

I’ve been given a good tip by KeepsMeAlive. Brevity is the key to this week in a day. So without further ado. (because nobody wants too much ado, just the correct amount of ado is required) Polly. Jean. Harvey. PJ to her record buying fans. Peej. She always makes my lists. Here she is doing a song so Dylan you can’t cover it. Unless you yourself are a mercurial talent and Titan of your genre. Which she is.

So PJ Harvey doing Highway 61 Revisited from her mid-90’s force majeure of a record Rid Of Me. It starts off sounding like it was taped off the radio thru some drywall before mercilessly bludgeoning the listener into a panic play of grunge roughing up shoegaze in a dark alley.

A Merciless Blessing.

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