Make You Feel My Love – Adele

Just like the last post (no, not The Last Post, not The Last Post On The Bugle… No not The Libertines, look you know what I mean) Just like the previous post Bobby D’s songs sound more powerful, more tuneful and all the more effective in the hands, heads and mouths of powerful female performers.

This is a massive tune from two gargantuan talents but in this day and age the ownership of Make You Feel My Love is all Adele’s.

Originally the song was a mid period high point from Bob’s Time Out Of Mind album. When Adele recorded her take for her world conquering 19 album. Fuhgeddabahit! Fame over. She swept the thing away and made us all pay attention. I unashamedly and a little too passionately adore this woman and her voice. I’m as excited about album number 4 (titled 30 & out soon) as I was about 21 and 25. It’s always good to know where the mainstream is at. And when it’s here… We’re in good hands.

One of the U.K’s biggest and best megastars Adele is in a league of her own. And she should be on this list.

4 thoughts on “Make You Feel My Love – Adele

  1. Is she naming her albums after her current age? Harry Connick, Jr. did that for a while, it was fun.

    I know you adore her, I’m on the fence. I have to be in the mood for her. Sometimes she nails it, in my ears, and sometimes it’s too overwrought and honking for my mood. No denying she can sing, just sometimes yes, sometimes no.

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