Bulls On Parade – Rage Against The Machine

I ummed and ahhhed about which of the myriad Tom Morello projects to finish on.

Never did post anything under the title The Nightwatchman.

I fancied posting his collaboration with The Prodigy as there’s not enough of their stuff on SFTD either.

And I am very very fond of his contribution to Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes third album with Tyrant Lizard King.

But I figured it like this. When the rock and roll archaeologists dig up the stone tablets SteveForTheDeaf is carved into before it’s uploaded each morning. Let’s say in 2000 years from now? When that inevitably happens and they form a giant mechanical iPod from standing stones, wind chimes and ocean plastic to honour the Rock Gods. They’ll need this riff.

Come Wit It Now!

So, I’m giving RATM a second original song on SFTD (Remember their previous two entries were covers from their Renegades album) we should include the Evil Empire dancefloor classic. It doesn’t matter if they’re nominated for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame or not.

Every rocker knows the riffs of Rage’s biggest hits the way they know the words and making The SFTD List in the final top ten will be worth it when it’s all just rubble and our decedents are rebuilding.


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