Fight! Smash! Win! – Street Sweeper Social Club

Back on the brevity here’s one side gig from Morello’s past that should not be overlooked. Before The Nightwatchman before Prophets Of Rage and before The Bloody Beetroot’s there was Street Sweeper Social Club and one album blast of Tom with Boots Riley (formerly of The Coup) and Stanton Moore from a band called Galactic (nope, me either). Right at the end of the MySpace era they put out a rap/rock crossover record that was a bit more NuMetal than TM’s main gigs but no less fun.

Fight! Smash! Win! Was the album opener. 100 Little Curses and Promenade were the singles. The band toured with Jane’s Addiction and Nine Inch Nails. Talked the follow up single up into something called The Ghetto Blaster EP with covers of LL Cool J and M.I.A and a do-over of an old The Coup track and then they were gone.

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