Get This Party Started – Tom Morello (ft. Bring Me The Horizon)

This is more than an excuse to sneak a new release into the top ten final week of SteveForTheDeaf, but that’s as good a justification as any. Tom Morello has spent 2021 releasing music with jaw dropping regularity that features guest artists as varied as they are impressive.

Bring Me The Horizon represented a new vanguard of British heavy metal over the last decade and a half. They’ve positioned themselves as the godheads of a scene that is starting to grow old. The teens who slammed to Count Your Blessings in 2006 are growing up and raising kids of their own now. Tom has them on his newest album in 2021 alongside Phantogram, (his old Boss) Bruce Springsteen, another titan of the era that made him famous Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam. He put out an EP collaboration with The Bloody Beetroots that featured Pussy Riot, Aimee Interrupter, The Last Internationale, White Lung and Ana Tijoux. He’s guested on The Pretty Reckless album that made my list of Best albums of 2021 and he’s probably laid down so many tracks in this foul year of ours he’s lost count too.

So the newest song in the best ever list is not in anyway pretending to be a ‘best song ever’. It’s here to honour the ongoing nature of Tom Morello’s contribution to the genre. A couple of hours ago it was RATM. A couple of hours from now it’ll be something very different indeed. Such is the talent of The Nightwatchman.

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