Killing In The Name – Rage Against The Machine

I’m not going to fuck about. This is one of the greatest heavy rock songs of all time. This is one of the most important heavy rock bands of all time too. Let us not play any suspenseful ‘ohh what will top the day off’ games with Rage Against The Machine. Let’s start where they did. Calling out bent cops as racists and telling those who have no moral authority “NO” or to quote them more accurately…

“Some of those that work forces are the same that burn crosses”

It’s easy for people to dismiss RATM as stroppy teenager music. People often shorten these conversations to “Yeah yeah, sure, back when I was a teenager I knew the answer to everything too.”

“When you finally grow up you’ll realise you don’t know it all”

It’s the same shade they throw Greta Thunberg. Why so serious little girl? You know why. Don’t insult her, don’t try to get us on side with that bully-boy tactic.

“Now you do what they told ya”

Truth is. Truth makes busy tired adults uncomfortable. It doesn’t make it less truthful. Nobody wants to be preached at. Hectored, made to feel bad, guilty for something we didn’t actively choose to do. Loathe to say it. They might be a blunt instrument at times but everything Rage Against The Machine sing about is right. You know it. I know it. They know it.

“Fuck you I won’t do what you tell me”

There’s more though. They are wonderful to dance to.

The classic 90’s MTV hit video
A 15 minute film that is very uncomfortable to watch but entirely correct. I implore you, choose to stay the course and watch the whole thing. If you can. If you can’t. Hey, I’m not your supervisor.

3 thoughts on “Killing In The Name – Rage Against The Machine

  1. Yes. Yes. Yes. Angry teenager I was when this came out. And angry teenager I still am when I hear this song and you have to throw yourself about when you listen to it. Although that now takes place on the kitchen, rather than a rock club (oh boy do I miss those sticky floored nirvanas)

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  2. YES. I don’t care how many times I hear this song, I always crank it and feel every second. Some said they were hypocrites, talking about rebellion while on a major label, but I said they were subversives, eating the machine from the inside out. Spies in the house of money. Etc. That whole album is like a bomb going off in your stereo. I. LOVE. IT.

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