Like A Stone – Audioslave

Another classic band. Another Tom Morello guitar moment for the ages. Tom (and Brad and Tim) combined their powers behind the other Temple Of The Dog singer Chris Cornell and made a tidy discography of three fantastic albums in four years.

Audioslave were ruddy brilliant. If they were a debut record for all involved they’d have blown the bloody doors off the clubs and venues as they played their way around. For them to be a post fame supergroup and still put out stuff like I Am The Highway, Cochise, Revelations, Show Me How To Live, Doesn’t Remind Me and Original Fire shows that no laurels were rested upon.

I’d post Chris Cornell singing almost anything (I kind of swerve that Scream album though) but Like A Stone is one of his career highlights. A perfect showcase of a superstar in his element. A superb powerhouse of a band bearing restraint on a gentle melody and a soaring sound gallery. Then Tom steps forward and the solo equals Cornell’s performance.

This band man. A side gig? No way. This is an all time classic…

14 thoughts on “Like A Stone – Audioslave

  1. I listened to this for ages when Chris Cornell passed. It sorta felt like he was talking to us through the song.

    And seeing prophets of rage play this with a spotlight on an empty mic stand was touching, to say the least.

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