Maggie’s Farm – Rage Against The Machine

It’s a funny kind of chemistry how Bob Dylan week can fly by in a day and you still wash up in Tom Morello Week/Day/Week on topic and entering into what is almost now an entirely fragrant (pffft) disregard for tradition and format.

Tom Morello Motherfucker!

Dylan x Morello x the final countdown. You know how they split the end of the Hunger Games into two movies? Harry Potter too? Lightweights. You might have guessed. This final top ten is going to be longer then The Black List.

The mix of metal riffing and siren sounds wrung from the Morello axe on this track and all of the Renegades album proved the band were bigger than the frontman’s rap rock delivery could cover. I’m not saying Zack De la Rocha held the band back. Far from it. His delivery is inimitable. When his voice pops up on Run The Jewels or The Roots, Blackalicious or Saul Williams stuff it’s like plugging in a weighty instrument and dropping a power chord to hear him. Tom needed to be doing more stuff though. And more stuff he has done.

We are here with a second song off of the Rage Against The Machine covers album. The only songs so far from the band that made Tom Morello famous on SFTD. Stick around that will change in the next 24 hours…


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