Bring The Noise – Anthrax & Public Enemy

Phew! how do you follow a day of Rage Against The Machine and side projects? Well by sticking with the Rap/Rock theme for a bit. Six degrees of Chuck D? How about I do it in one. In the last decade Chuck partnered with Tom and the Ragers for two albums worth of Prophets of Rage. But that wasn’t the first time he got together with a heavy metal band to join two fan-bases together. Not only did Chuck and all of Public Enemy (Dare I say, PE in full effect? I think I dare) rerecord their massive anthem Bring The Noise with Anthrax after the two bands had spent a few years name dropping each other in the press and their lyrics. They were often seen representing their support by wearing each others T-Shirt in photo shoots and on stage. Then they toured together. A Co-Headlining set of shows where they took turns to support each other. Enter SteveForTheDeaf as a teenage metalhead.

Rap/Metal has some awful connotations post Limp Bizkit, Korn, Woodstock ’99 and Kid Rock. There was a time though when RHCP, Run-DMC and PE made it sound like the future.

Funnily enough I had Public Enemy record before I had Anthrax records. They were the more famous of the two bands in my pre-heavy metal days. Big Brother ForTheDeaf had copies of Yo! Bum Rush The Show and It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back. I started buying my own copies of stuff around Night Of The Living Bass Heads and “Yeah Boyee!” Bring The Noise. Then rock music turned my head and I was listening to Faith No More and Anthrax more than everything else. By the time this Team-Up Issue was published I was of gig going age.

January 12th 1992. Brixton Academy. London. What a night. Full on rock & rap crowd mingling. PE fans losing their minds at the heaviness of Indians, Got The Time, Keep It In The Family and Metalheads bouncing to the beats of She Watch Channel Zero, Fight The Power before a team up of I’m The Man (your rap metal primer from 1987’s Among The Living) and then it was… “Bass! How low can you go?”

5 thoughts on “Bring The Noise – Anthrax & Public Enemy

  1. This was a pivotal moment for me. The mixing of genres, when done well, is awesome. Done poorly, it’s dire. I remember discussing Judgment Night soundtrack with a non ‘metal head’ and we both found common ground and that, especially back then, is priceless. And having just found the video for The Boo Ya tribe and faith no more again, it still kicks like a mule. 🤘😎🤘

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  2. That Brixton show sounds AMAZING. Oh man. OH MAN!

    The weirdest mash-up crowd I was ever in was seeing the Phantom Of The Opera at the Pantages in Toronto, opening night for Paul Stanley (yes) as Phantom. So you had the hottentots in their finery out for a night at the thea-tah, dah-ling, and you had the KISS Army in their finery (with denim, patches, and fringes) out for a night of Paul. Remarkably, it was generally respectful, but two more unlikely groups mingling I hadn’t imagined lol.

    As a review, the show was very good. I’d seen Phantom before and this was a well-done production. Paul could really sing. When he was in the lower registers, melodic (e.g. Think Of Me), he was The Phantom and it was great. When he starts to lose his shit and is yelling for Christine, his voice was pure Rock And Roll All Nite (And Party Every Day) lol. Apparently some of the other KISS dudes were there to support him, but we never saw them. Of course, we weren’t all that close to the stage. They’d have been down front. A fun night overall, especially for my lovely wife, who is a KISS fan.

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