Bodies – The Sex Pistols

When The Sex Pistols scared the pants off of your Gran and Granddad by calling out a dirty old man on live TV, well… The tabloids went nuts. THE FILTH AND THE FURY the headlines read.

Of course from The Daily Mail to the BBC the real scare wasn’t the bad words. It was the not playing nice. Mainstream Rock and Roll in the U.K up until then had been Cliff (Christian Rhymes) Richard and Glam Rock. The Beatles were long gone. The Stones were trouble. The Who, Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath were unwelcome on TV, Radio and the press. Prog was dull, bloated and up it’s own arse and pop was a gated community of kids being prowled on by nonces in knitwear with those long thin microphones.

When everyone got all their panties in a twist about Johnny Rotten saying “Get pissed, destroy” or being rude about Her Majesty, what went unnoticed to all but those listening was that The Sex Pistols were political activists.

Bodies is a pro-choice, feminist anthem about the horror of back-street abortion. It’s a cold stark case study of the emotional indifference a ‘fallen woman’ is faced with while taking her life in her hands alone to survive in the glare of a judgmental society. They even give her the dignity of a name. Julie. She lived in a tree.

Don’t ever tell me they were a boy band put together to sell records. You don’t do that by accident. And that is why having Velvet Revolver’s version on the site and not a single original song by The Sex Pistols will not stand in this last week of October 2021.

“Fuck This And Fuck That” might be all they heard. But Bodies was really saying something.

One thought on “Bodies – The Sex Pistols

  1. Good on ya, this needed to be here, for all the reasons you list.

    True story: This is still one of my favourite albums of all time. Also true: This is one of my favourite songs on the record.

    One time we saw Martin Tielli (Rheostatics) do a solo show in Saskatoon, and when the band broke into this song (and absolutely nailed it), I thought I was gonna pass out from sheer nirvana.

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