Dancing With Myself – Generation X

OK. Fair Play. Not all punk was about smashing the system, bringing down the Status Quo (leave the Quo alone. 12 Gold Bars is full of bangers) or raising eyebrows. Even in the summer of 1980 there were nights where the kohl eyed, bondage trousered, spiky haired youths just wanted to dance. And that is where Billy Idol and Generation X came in. “From the floors of Tokyo-o or down to London town to go-go” Young Billy was basically Elvis Presley in Sid Vicious’s wardrobe.

Punk may have been a flash in the pan. Over in a matter of months/a couple of years depending who you listen to. But it did spill out a huge wealth of good new old fashioned rock and roll tunes. We’ve heard from the bands on the syllabus. The Clash, The Pistols, The Damned. There’s no 80’s, 90’s or 21st Century Rock And Roll without those guys. What a freaking bore it would have all become if we’d left it to Pink Floyd to pass the crown to Rush, Asia, ELO, ELP, and King Arthur On Ice. Jesus Christ Girl! I can think of nothing worse.

Nope we needed these brats. We needed the shot in the arm. The taking back of the core texts. The point of it all. There would have been no Green Day, no Grunge, no The Hold Steady, Against Me!, Thermals or dare I speak it? The Donnas… Whew! Imagine that? The Donnas are quite the single most perfect distillation of the old Rock And Or Roll one could hope to encounter. But even they steal their ideas from somewhere.

Last time I featured them on this site they were covering Generation X for the movie Mean Girls. I’ve still not seen it. I kind of think I never will. It’s not for me. I’m sure it’s great. Even sacred to some, nay many. I’ll take my song and go.

3 thoughts on “Dancing With Myself – Generation X

  1. They were here and gone really fast, bu thankfully Billy continued on. When I was researching Billy to do that series, I went back to these guys and I have to say I loved it. They had some great songs. It is cool that Billy still plays a couple in his live set (or at least he did a few years ago).

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