Havana Affair – Ramones

You know how I feel about the Ramones. Right?

I thought to myself why don’t I try and write this review just by recycling the hyperbole from my other Ramones reviews?” What with us being here at the end of the universe and time being of the essence. And here we are.

First time I posted Havana Affair I posted the Red Hot Chili Peppers cover version of it. back then I said

I’ll sneak Ramones songs on this site any which way I can, so this one probably comes as no surprise. Havana Affair appeared on The Ramones world changing debut album. It’s as classic a piece of punk rock history as you’ll ever find.

Then when I was talking about Bonzo Goes To Bitburg I spewed fourth

Famously the band sold more T-Shirts than records while they were alive. I should imagine that gap has only increased further since the final show (brilliantly captured on the live album We’re Outta Here) in 1996. Do yourself a favour. Buy Ramones records instead of their apparel. It’s all so damned good.

I stand by all of this of course. I get defensive about them when talking about R.A.M.O.N.E.S

LIARS! You all thought the Ramones made the same record over and over again until they were gone. Only after they left did you review the situation and conclude that was a strength not a weakness.

And I caught myself trippin’ when I did a number on Poison Heart.

I do this every time I post a Ramones song. They should have been the biggest band in the world, they were after all the best. Instead they struggled for decades until the Metalheads, Motorheads, Grungers, Pearl Jammers and the 90’s alternative scene held them up as elder statesmen of so much that had gone before.

I’ve had lots more to say about them all over this site. There was even a hidden code to tell you when a Ramones Review was imminent. Nobody ever spotted it. Look at The four posts before from March 1st to March 5th to crack the codex. On that occasion the tracks were by (Frank Sinatra, Goo Goo Dolls, The Cure, Page & Plant)

Bottom line. I love this band. Last week on Earth. 1-2-3-4!


14 thoughts on “Havana Affair – Ramones

      1. No, because I have to dig fir them. My life has been a Jerry Springer episode since about 2016. Things are starting to settle. I have 1000’s of photos and slides I need to get into my computer.

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  1. “Do yourself a favour. Buy Ramones records instead of their apparel. It’s all so damned good.” You hear this, Kardashians, you famous for being famous bunch of tw*ts? Gah.

    I am right there with you in the Ramones love, brother. Right. There.

    I have a cool boxed set of We’re Outta Here. It’s the CD and a VHS! Lol. The CD is brilliant. But I’ll never play the tape ‘cos I can’t!

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      1. 1 2 3 4!!!

        Man, hyperbole aside, that really is one of the greatest bands. I met a dude in Waterloo in the 90s who had everything. He had this whole shelf full of nothing but Ramones, and bould talk about any of it. I felt at sea as he was discussing them, the knowledge he had. Unreal.

        But yeah, any day is a day for the Ramones. As ROLLINS!! said (and I’m paraphrasing), the first four Ramones records could end war. One side realizes the other is listening to Rocket To Russia, they band bond, end of war. Lol.

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