Cloudbusting – Kate Bush

I know some of these final days have got a bit manic. A week in a day for Dylan, Bowie, Punk Covers, Tom Morello, yada, yada, Douglas Bader. Today I’m doing one artist and one artist only. Kate Bush. Cloudbusting.

The song is like a precision engineered dream of another time and place. The video that accompanies it is both cinematic genius and risible tosh depending entirely on your postal address of post post modernist appreciation for all the stuff I ever post here.

Kate Bush is not an artist I ever bought an album by. I do not own The Red Shoes, The Kick Inside or Hounds Of Love. It’s a marathon not a sprint. I believe in leaving a few gems undiscovered for later. I’ll get there. One day.

I know these songs though. This Woman’s Work, Wuthering Heights, Babooshka, The Man With The Child In His Eyes. They’re part of the lexicon. She’s incredible. Cloudbusting? I have that one. Seven inch single. Been in the box since there ever was a box of records for it to be in.

So, for the strings and things. For Donald Sutherland (Nooooooooo!) and for Kate Bush dressing up as a young boy to play at some Victorian Sci-Fi in a video shot on the hill where I walk my dogs… I’m Posting Cloudbusting today.

And Busting makes me feel good.


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