Master Of Puppets – Metallica

Now I’m not saying Metallica is the best metal band in the world. Or am I? Perhaps number two though? Perhaps. Nor am I saying that their song is better than Hole. I’m not saying this beats out S.L.F or Alice Coltrane or The Mighty Wah or Iron & Wine, Public Service Broadcasting, The Hu, David Ford or Bush or for that matter the ruddy Ronnettes.

I am saying it’s hard to rank music. I am saying we’re quite a short distance from the end and quite a long distance from the last all out full on heavy metal song we posted. And that will not do.

If your top five metal bands doesn’t include Metallica are you even listening? Maiden, Priest, Sabbath, Slayer… There’s only one space left.

What am I saying?

I am saying, if we’re saying best ever, of all time, the greatest there has ever been? Well, I am saying. OBEY YOUR MASTAH! MASTAH! Is some powerful Hefty Molten Metal. The intro, the breakbeats, that bit where it goes all classical. It’s a masterclass. Nothing else comes close. It’s like going to church.

We can’t have a list of this much greatness and not have Master Of Puppets on it.

Once a mosher, always a mosher.

10 thoughts on “Master Of Puppets – Metallica

  1. I agree. Ranking music is not something I’d choose. I admire the guys who rank albums on their sites (Mike, John, Geoff, etc), but I couldn’t do it. I’d be going back and comparing and then rejigging and then making the scale decimal places and… no.

    But Metallica? I’m saying HELL YEAH! \m/ \m/

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