Poison Sweet Madeira – Sophie Solomon

Now I’m not saying Sophie Solomon is the best Jewish Folk Violinist in the world. Perhaps number two though? Perhaps. Nor am I saying that her song is better than Hole. I’m not saying this beats out Townes Van Zandt or Steeleye Span or Steely Dan or Portugal The Man, Kool & The Gang, Son Of Sam or A Total Blam Blam.

I am saying it’s hard to rank music. I am saying a pop tune, a rock tune, a folk song, something your Nan used to sing while she made her mashed potatoes. If people love it then it’s all out full on Folk music. I’ve been taking a downright Liberty even trying to sort them into order. But these are some of my favourites none the less.

I am saying, if we’re saying best ever, of all time, the greatest there has ever been? I am saying. Goodness I love this piece of music. Sophie Solomon is elemental when she plays.

We can’t have a list of this much greatness and not have Poison Sweet Maderia on it.

Once a Jewish folk Vio… Oh forget it…

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