Tender – Blur

Now I’m not saying Blur is the best indie band in the world. Perhaps number two though? Perhaps. Nor am I saying that their song is better than Hole. I’m not saying this beats out N.W.A or Alice Cooper or The Who or Iron Maiden, Public Enemy, David Bowie or Kate Bush or the ruddy Ramones.

I am saying it’s hard to rank music. I am saying we’re quite a short distance from the end and quite a long distance from the last all out full on Essex Indie Anthem we posted. And that will not do. I did a week in a day of Britpop and kept my powder dry. There should have been a Blur week.

I am saying, if we’re saying best ever, of all time, the greatest there has ever been? Well then. I am saying the slow build from a country twang to that huge gospel choir chorus! Is some powerful Thames Estuary Soul. I am saying in the twilight of the 90’s but before the cartoon techno of Gorillaz Damon, Graham, Dave and Alex wrote the end credit music for Britpop the movie.

We can’t have a list of this much greatness and not have Tender on it.

Once an Indie Kid, always and Indie Kid


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