Waking Up – Elastica

Now I’m not saying Elastica is the best one and done female led Wire copyist band in the world. Perhaps number two though? Perhaps. Nor am I saying that their song is better than Hole. I’m not saying this beats out Brrrr Ehhhhh Ahh{{><\\’ske

This is a message Broadcasting to you for the year one nine nine none nine nine nine…. zzzzzzzzzz.

I am saying it’s hard to rank music. I am saying we’re quite a ssssss Long drop from the bottom and a short drop from the top now that my ships rolled in I ain’t gonna stop… zzzzzz to Elastica on a Walkman thinking about how nothing could be better than this exact moment in time. And that will not do.

I am saying this reposting the same review gag is getting old even for me to flog into the ground again and again.

Some of the greatest records of all time stand out because the fit in so well. That’s Waking Up or Connection or Stutter by Elastica.

If you loved them, you wouldn’t change a thing about them. And that’s pop musics enduring appeal.

Perfect is subjective.


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