Change – The War On Drugs

If we’re going over new shit from old favourites this little gem deserves a listen. First time I heard The War On Drugs I was at a show of theirs to see the support act. The show was at London’s The Borderline. About a million years ago. To imagine they’ve evolved into the sort of live band that can sell out huge sheds and release live albums is actually not that great a leap. There was always a magic in the air around the sound of 80’s AOR and those connections to Kurt Vile via Bruce Hornsby.

I Don’t Live Here Anymore will be the new album. Change the single. The smoothed out reverb drenched happy echos of Lost In The Dream and A Deeper Understanding are still here. They’re front and center on Change, but the songs now have deeper grooves, poppier hooks and what feels like a smoother soul.

I for one welcome our AOR overlords.


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