Gobblers Of Dregs – Mastodon

There’s a new Mastodon album. It’s out. I have it. I’ve played it repeatedly this weekend. I couldn’t go without playing you one of my favourite tracks. Gobblers of Dregs is a bit more than the ‘Slow Heavy Metal Music Playing’ people have got the new ‘Don down for. It’s got stuff going the fuck on. Changes, moodswings, a white hot guitar solo.

Hooooo Boy. Hushed And Grim is a terrific late period heavy metal record. Gobblers is eight minutes plus of Iron Maiden, Gojira, Spiritbox challenging metal that fuses the best of their prog, doom, grunge and full on stoner vibes together and goes “There you are. Have a bite of that. Don’t nibble it. Open wide. shove it all in. Bit rich? Don’t knock it. Get it down you Lad”.


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