Land Of The Blind – Yard Act

Obviously this is never going to be massive. It is however brilliant. When I posted Yard Act before for their debut release the Dark Days EP and their bonkers play within an indie song Peanuts I was throwing about references like The Fall, Half Man Half Biscuit and Alan Bennett. Land Of The Blind brings a new element into play.

“Make no mistake we are living out our last days in the land of the blind where the one eyed man was king until he lost his fucking mind”

Vic and Bob. Yep. I’ve decided, if you enjoyed a bit of The Smell Of Reeves And Mortimer, Vic Reeves Big Night Out and or Catterick then you’ll get a kick out of the latest release from Yard Act. It’s the way they seem to be roping in Rain Dog tuning and toy instruments over a bass-line Do Nothing have only just stopped using.

“We cram crumby hands into empty pockets, a quick whip round for the long suffering house band, while peace treaties are breached so we can fuck about half naked on the beaches of some far off foreign land”

Of course there’s loads of contemporary indie references too. Idles, Sports Team, Audiobooks, Dry Cleaning, Shithouse Rats, Viagra Boys all do something in a similar ballpark. Yard Act bring a biting absurdity to proceedings which is all their own though.

And to think I only made one of those bands above up. What is the world coming to?

There’s a whole narrative on this one about commemorative 50p pieces that somehow totally skewers our current Brexit government and the corrupt cronyism at the top that’s trickling down to us in the form of filthy water and broken plumbing. Quit moaning, you voted for it.

We’ll leave the new releases there. Tomorrow is the final day. This is the end… My only Friend, The end.

2 thoughts on “Land Of The Blind – Yard Act

  1. “Obviously this is never going to be massive. It is however brilliant.” I thought this same thing yesterday when I posted Whale’s ‘Hobo Humoin Slobo Babe.’ Never destined for the mainstream but goddamn I love that song.

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